Perhaps you wonder if the roof on your commercial building needs replacement. Or maybe you are considering a new metal or membrane roof to modernize the look of your property? Longhorn Roofing has over 30 years of experience in repairing and replacing commercial roofs in the Austin, Texas area.

Read on here for a few reasons why Longhorn is your best choice:

Experienced Commercial Roofing in Central Texas

Putting a new roof on a commercial building can be complicated. You’ll want to choose a company that has experience. Every roofing expert at Longhorn has over two decades of business roofing experience.

You can be assured that we will carefully:

  • Assess your need to repair or replace.
  • Calculate the size of your structure — including square footage and height.
  • Determine the type of roof which is best for your pitch and slope.
  • Evaluate the structure for dry rot or other needed repair.
  • Examine your need to replace soffits or vents.

Moreover, our experience can help you deal with your insurance company if you have a claim and also make sure that you clearly understand all of your options.

Experts at a Variety of Commercial Roofing Needs

What sort of roof you need will depend on your budget and the use of your building.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Longhorn roofing helps you to determine the best roof to fit your circumstances.

Longhorn has completed commercial projects for a variety of local businesses, including:

  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Auto service facilities
  • Office buildings

Highest Quality Roofing Materials

Commercial properties need roofs that have a long life, are durable and have very low maintenance. Longhorn uses only the best roofing products so that your roof will last. A new metal or membrane roof not only protects your business from weather damage, it can also improve the appearance and value of your commercial building, making it look more modern and upscale.

Both membrane and metal panel roofing are excellent choices for commercial roofing in the Austin area. Longhorn Roofing has extensive experience in both types of roofs and the ability to help you choose which will work best for your structure.

Membrane Roofs

Synthetic material membrane roofs are good for flat or low-pitched roofs. They resist deterioration by expansion, contraction and UV rays.

Longhorn installs a variety of types of seamless membrane roofs:

  • TPO: Thermoplastic membrane roofs have seams that are heat-fused to make a continuous membrane.
  • EPDM: Extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane for roofs, available in a variety of widths and thicknesses in both black and white. EPDM is also environmentally-friendly because it can be recycled into walkway paths.
  • PVC: Available in different colors and thicknesses, these prefabricated roofs are easy to install and are inexpensive. They come with a variety of warranties that last anywhere from five to 50 years.
  • Modified Bitumen: Containing asphalt and reinforcement materials such as rubber and solvents, these roofs are heated to create a seal.

Superior Metal Panel Roofing

Metal roofs offer an excellent choice for commercial roofing because they are weatherproof and can even repel our Central Texas hail. In addition, they are free from lichen, moss, and algae that inhabit 90% of the roofs in the Austin region. Furthermore, metal roofs reflect the hot Texas sun and save on energy bills. Metal roofs installed and maintained by Longhorn can last 35-50 years, which offers excellent value for the price.

  • Custom-Made Panels: To make sure our metal roofs don’t leak, we manufacture our own 24-gauge Galvalume coated steel panels on-site. These thick, seamless panels are much stronger than standard 26-gauge steel purchased at home improvement centers.
  • Custom Fit: Even more importantly, because we custom-make each panel on-site, we guarantee a perfect fit.
  • Standing-Seam Installation: This type of installation covers the screws, bolts, and fasteners to prevent rust.

Longhorn Offers Austin Commercial Roofing You Can Trust

If you have damage or water leakage on the roof on your commercial structure due to our rough Central Texas weather, the professional staff at Longhorn will respond quickly — and know you need timely, expert help. Our bonded, insured, and highly-trained team guarantees that we will put your needs first.  We want you to not only enjoy your new commercial roof but also be completely satisfied by our service throughout the process.

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