Austin Metal Roofing by Austin Longhorn Roofing


We have 30 years of experience installing, repairing and servicing metal roofs. A metal roof typically lasts twice as long as a shingle roof, as well as being low maintenance. Metal roofs are truly weatherproof and even repel hail. They are free from the algae, lichen, and moss that inhabit the roofs of over 90 percent of buildings in the country, resulting in a professional finish.

We have seen the damage that a poorly installed, low-quality metal roof can do. It will leak like a sieve into your home and look like a patchwork of rusty bolts. Over the years, we have come to the rescue of many homeowners and business owners in and around the Austin area that have had bad experiences.

To avoid this situation Longhorn manufactures our own standing-seam 24-gauge Galvalume coated steel panels on site. Our panels are thicker, more seamless and infinitely stronger than other metal roofing materials. This sets us apart from the competition as many roofing companies use standard 26-gauge steel purchased at home improvement centers. By making our own metal panels, we can guarantee a perfect fit every time, and our standing seam process means no more unsightly screws, bolts, and exposed fasteners. Metal roofs installed and maintained by Longhorn Roofing last 35 to 50 years, offering excellent value for money and durability.

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