Custom Metal Roofing for Austin Texas

Beautiful Styling, Long-Term Durability

A roof that's made of metal typically lasts twice as long as a shingle roof, but requires lower maintenance.

Metal roofs are truly weatherproof and even repel hail. They are energy efficient because they keep homes cool, and are free from the algae, lichen, and moss that inhabit the roofs of over 90 percent of buildings in the country — resulting in a very professional finish.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Along with energy efficiency and long-lasting quality, other benefits that can make metal not only your best choice, but an affordable one, including:

  • The ability to lower homeowner’s insurance rates
  • Very little maintenance requirement
  • A low weight-load on the home’s structure

In Central Texas, metal has become a popular upscale roofing option for many homes and businesses who like the unique look, sleek lines, excellent durability and low maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs qualify as one of only a few “cool” roofing choices available today. Cool metal roofs deliver high solar reflectance and higher thermal emittance than standard roofing products. Cool roofing materials are not only more energy efficient, but also reduce the damage of the sun’s rays on a building — and the urban heat island effect.

Energy efficiency may be the biggest benefit of metal roofing in Austin or anywhere else in Texas. A well-designed metal roof gives you the capability to reflect around 50% of all solar radiation that strikes the building. This has a number of positive effects both on your home and on the environment.

Less solar radiation means the building is easier to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your HVAC system will not need to struggle against outdoor conditions and run for long periods of time. This also means you will be extending the life of your cooling and heating technology.

A good metal roof both contributes to and benefits from the home’s natural “heat cycle.” In a well-built and structurally secure home, warm air should naturally rise and escape from the structure. While shingle roofing sometimes experiences problems with this, a metal roof strongly facilitates it.

Done right, metal roofing provides better energy efficiency than any other type of roof. That includes “Cool Roof” shingles and other highly beneficial choices. While a white metal roof is the most efficient, you can choose from a growing spectrum of stylish colors and still harness the benefits.

Metal roofs provide energy efficiency by:

  • Reflecting the sun’s rays off of the house
  • Reducing the heat gain into the attic and home so they don’t get hotter than the outside air
  • Lowering the load on the HVAC system and reducing energy costs

Cool metal roofs are particularly effective in hot climates because

They make the home environment more comfortable by preventing the heat from entering the home and attic. Additionally, since the air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard, you may also save money by not having to replace it as quickly.

Fire and Wind Resistant

Another important consideration for anyone thinking about installing a metal roof is the fire and wind resistance that it offers. Longhorn Roofing installs high-quality, durable metal roofing that offers the highest levels of fire and wind resistance.

Fire and wind resistance will help you to protect your home and family. We know that Austin area families cast a wary eye on the wildfire season every year. A single stray spark, even during a controlled burn, can prove devastating. Luckily, a metal roof will protect you like nothing else available.

Metal roofing is completely resistant to fire from any source. Plus, it is highly resistance to moss, mildew, and other organic growth that can be vulnerable to flames. When you choose a metal roof, you know you are getting a reliable layer of protection against the unexpected.

Depending on their age and the underlying structural materials, shingle roofs can be vulnerable to wind uplift. Metal roofs stand up against even the most powerful storm winds. Even individual panels are unlikely to experience uplift, thanks in part to the reinforced standing seam construction.

No matter where you are in the Austin area, odds are good that wind will be an issue at some point in the year. Even when wind is paired with torrential rain, your metal roofing continues to perform. The roof is specially designed to let rain run right off while minimizing the impact from wind.

Fire Resistance – A Great Benefit

The wildfires that we’ve experienced in the Austin area in recent years have heightened everyone’s awareness around the dangers of structural fires.

Did you know that a roof is one of the first lines of protection on a building?

Metal panels provide excellent fire protection, as well as: 

  • A lower load on the roof than other fire-safe products like tile, to create a roof that won’t cave in
  • Kynar 500 coated Galvalume panels that have a Class A fire rating

Wind Resistance During Strong Central Texas Storms

Metal is an excellent option for wind resistance during strong storms. Unlike 3-tab shingle roofs that have many pieces and areas where wind can lift shingles and cause damage, metal roofs have very few exposed edges. In the Austin area, storms oftentimes have tornado and hurricane-force winds.

Metal roofing has:

  • The highest strength-to-weight ratio of any roofing material
  • Proven to be wind resistant during hurricanes and storms in tornado alley
  • The added benefit of lower home owner’s insurance due to the protection that it offers


Properly installed and well-maintained, metal roofing can last 35 to 50 years, giving homeowners and businesses a very good value for the money invested.

It is not unusual for roofing manufacturers to claim that their products will last for 30 years or more. In some cases this is true, but it should be taken with a grain of salt here in the Austin area. Those “30-year shingle roofs” often last about 20 years thanks to the intense heat and other weather issues.

Not so with metal roofing, which can last 30 years, 40 years, or even longer with the right maintenance.

A metal roof lasts longer and has less stringent maintenance demands than shingle or tile. It is generally okay to inspect a metal roof every other year as opposed to every year. In the rare event that a serious impact diminishes the performance of a metal roof, only the affected panel needs to be replaced.

If you are concerned about getting a roof that will stand the test of time until you are ready to sell a home or pass it on to your children, a metal roof in Austin is your best bet. Because of its strength and all the advantages outlined above, most buyers are more than happy to have a metal roof on a home!

To Ensure that Our Metal Roofs Have Long-Term Durability, Longhorn Roofing:

To Ensure that Our Metal Roofs Have Long-Term Durability, Longhorn Roofing:

  • Uses its own standing-seam process so that there are no unsightly bolts, screws or exposed fasteners to gather rust
  • Manufactures its own, extra thick, 24-gauge Galvalume-coated steel panels
  • Custom builds the panels on-site for a perfect fit
  • Has fade- and chalk-resistant coatings

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The Promise of Quality Work

We're Experienced Metal Roofers in Austin

At Longhorn Roofing, we have three decades of experience installing fire- and wind-resistant metal roofing in the Austin area. We know how to estimate the correct pitch and how to make sure your roof is perfectly fitted on your home or business.

When you choose Longhorn Roofing to install and maintain your roof, you will have durable protection for your home for 30 to 50 years into the future. We offer world-class customer service and expertise to make sure that your roof installation experience is smooth and stress-free.

We have seen the damage that a poorly installed, the low-quality roof can do. It will leak like a sieve into your home and look like a patchwork of rusty bolts. Over the years, we have come to the rescue of many homeowners and business owners in and around the Austin area that have had bad experiences.

Longhorn Roofing was one of the first roofing companies in Texas to introduce residential metal roofing. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of all the big changes in Austin metal roofing. Metal roofing in Austin is now of higher quality and available in a greater variety of colors and styles than ever before.

We have helped thousands of Austin metal roofing customers replace their existing shingle roof with an all-new metal roof for the first time. Every step of the process is handled by our fully credentialed and insured Austin metal roofing professionals. Your roofing project is in safe, experienced hands every step of the way.

Even if you’re not sure if metal roofing is right for you, we urge you to call us to learn more. Homeowners all across Austin have been amazed by the amount of money that they can save in roof maintenance and electricity use by adopting professionally installed Austin metal roofing.

Our decades of experience mean we not only get the job done right the first time – but we also make it easy for you. You’ll receive a professional estimate followed by a full written contract before work begins. There are never any hidden costs, and we can do in hours or days what would take other metal roofers weeks!

Once your metal roof is installed, our commitment to you continues for years to come. Longhorn Roofing is one of the only Austin area metal roofers that offers emergency service. In the extremely unlikely event that your roof is ever damaged, we will be there in a flash to repair it, usually by replacing the damaged panel.

Metal roofing isn’t just for businesses any more. Longhorn means Austin metal roofing you’ll love.


A Perfect Fit Everytime

We Manufacture Our Own Standing-Seam 24-Gauge Galvalume-Coated Steel Panels

Longhorn Roofing manufactures its own standing-seam 24-gauge Galvalume coated steel panels on site for all of our roofing customers. Our panels are thicker, more seamless and infinitely stronger than other metal roofing materials. This sets us apart from the competition because many roofing companies use standard 26-gauge steel purchased at home improvement centers.

By making our own metal panels, we can guarantee a perfect fit every time, and our standing seam process means no more unsightly screws, bolts, and exposed fasteners. Metal roofs installed and maintained by Longhorn Roofing last 35 to 50 years, to offer excellent value both in terms of cost and durability.

With up to 50 years of service and half the maintenance of a shingle roof, Austin metal roofing will change the way you look at your home. One of the secrets to our quality is Galvalume, one of the most powerful anti-rust coatings available on the market today. This coating makes your roof virtually immune to corrosion.

Whenever you buy a residential metal roof in Austin, it’s crucial to go with a standing seam. Not only does it look better, but it protects the single weakest point in any roof: The fasteners. Unlike a shingle roof, where roofing nails can come out along with damaged shingles, your roof’s screws will be fully protected.

Another benefit to our carefully measured roofing panels is that they offer superior protection against winter weather. As ice melts on a standard shingle roof, ice dams can form. The heavyweight of these dams damages the entire roof and starts leaks. With a properly sized metal roof, that threat is neutralized.

Lighter metal roof colors improve performance by helping the material reflect more solar heat and radiation. But you aren’t limited to classic gray when you choose a metal roof. We will be glad to order special colors for you to match the shingle roofs in your neighborhood or make your own statement.

Excellent quality material is a big part of the Longhorn Roofing difference. The DIY kits you might get from your local home improvement center often include cheap, poor-quality paneling. Plus, the panels are not designed especially to fit your home. With our approach, you get the value you can really rely on.

Thousands of Austin metal roofing customers have chosen the team at Longhorn Roofing.


A Roof That Will Last

Proper Installation is Essential

Similar to other roofing material, the strength and durability that metal roofs offer all depends on its installation.

Longhorn Roofing has:

  • Experienced metal roof installers
  • A standing-seam system that resists water infiltration under hydrostatic water pressure
  • Custom manufacturing of all metal roofs
  • The ability to offer periodic inspection and maintenance of your roof

Due to its reputation for high performance and its ability to keep homes cool in the summer, metal roofs have become one of the fastest-growing home improvement choices.

In the Austin area — where heat, storms, and ice hit hard — metal roofs offer a superior option for homes and businesses that want a roof that will protect them from the elements, as well as last well into the future.

Thinking about getting your metal roofing done with a kit or from someone in the neighborhood? Don’t! To deliver incredible performance, Austin metal roofing needs to be sized, designed and installed for your home exclusively. The poor installation often means you have to start over from scratch thanks to leaks!

Working with Austin’s premier metal roofers means not only do you benefit from the manufacturer warranty, but also from our own guarantee of excellent workmanship. In the rare event, there’s a problem with your metal roof, we will be glad to help you. We can also work with your insurer for any future claims on your roof.

And you won’t have to wait for the best quality metal roofs in Austin.

Our experience means we can finish your new roof installation quickly, often in just a fraction of the time of the other guys. Our punctual, professional team will partner with you every step of the way before, during, and after installation so the entire process is convenient for you.

It’s time for you to enjoy all the benefits of metal roofing, and that starts with your installation. To find out more or get started, all you need to do is call Longhorn Roofing today.

Longhorn Roofing Offers Superior Metal Roofing

Longhorn Roofing has come to the rescue of business owners and homeowners who have had poorly installed or low-quality metal roofs. Our metal roofs are built to last. It’s completely weatherproof, repels hail, and keeps a roof free of algae, moss, and lichen that can deteriorate roofs. Furthermore, when you choose Longhorn Roofing to install your metal roof, you will have the added benefit of corresponding with our caring customer support staff throughout the process before, during and after your roof installation. With over three decades of work in the Austin area, Longhorn Roofing is a company you can trust.

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