Storm Damage

Have you noticed damage to your roof after a hail storm?

Maybe you even find water leaking into your home. If you're wondering, "Will insurance pay for roof replacement or repair and materials?", read on. This is a question we get often at Longhorn Roofing.

We're Experts in Roof Storm Damage, and Will Be Happy to Meet with Your Insurance Company to Discuss the Condition of Your Roof


Will My Insurance Cover A Roof Replacement?

Insurance Coverage Depends on Your Policy

As soon as you notice damage, you should contact your insurance company and submit a claim.

Whether or not the policy will cover the damage or replace your roof can depend on:

  • Your homeowner's policy provisions
  • What sort of roof damage you have
  • The age of your roof
  • When the damage occurred

When you call to make a claim, your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to inspect the roof and damage. Based on that inspection, the company will determine whether they will pay for repair or replacement. Depending on your policy, even if they do agree to pay for a replacement, you may not get the full amount. For example, if your roof is more than ten years old, your insurance may depreciate the coverage and only pay for part of the replacement. However, most policies cover depreciation (it's called recoverable depreciation.) Insurance companies typically send a check prior to the work being done, and then will send a second check for the recoverable depreciation after the work has been completed.


Getting The Most From Your Insurance

Longhorn Roofing Has Experience Working Insurance Claims

Working with insurance claims can be complicated. As roofing experts with over 30 years of repairing and replacing roofs in Travis, Williamson, and Hays Counties, Longhorn Roofing is your best partner for meeting with your insurance company to discuss the conditions of your roof. *Claims are solely at the discretion of your insurance adjuster.*

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Longhorn Customer Care

Once Approved Longhorn Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Claim

At Longhorn Roofing we are dedicated to making sure that our customers get the best products at a reasonable cost. There is a reason that customers have given us an "A" on Angie's list: they know we have helped them to get the most possible from their insurance company. More importantly, our customers know that when they have their roof repaired or replaced by us they get:

  • Top-quality roofing materials that last
  • Improved energy efficiency that saves money
  • Superior service and workmanship
  • Reliable advice about what is best for your home

We Work With You Regardless of Insurance Status

Even if your insurance doesn't cover the roof, you will need to repair or replace it in order to avoid damage to your home. That is why we promise to work with you throughout the process to get the repairs that you need on your roof -- at a price you can afford.

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