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Roof Warranty

Learn More About Warranties for Roofing in Austin Texas

Your fancy electronics, your car, and even your refrigerator all have one thing in common: whether you use it not, they’re protected by a warranty.

Austin Roofing Contractors

Experienced Roofing Companies - Austin Texas

Choosing experienced roofing companies Austin TX really trusts is key to a high quality roof.

Roof Repair

Protect Your Investment With Prompt Roof Repair

You already know that your roof is one of the most important parts of keeping your home comfortable, but it’s also a key element in making sure your h...

Metal Roofing Metal Roofing Contractor

Professional Metal Roofing Repair

Are you wondering about metal roofing repair and how it relates to your roof?

Metal Roofing Metal Roofing Contractor

Austin Area Metal Roofer

If you’re looking for an Austin area metal roofer, it’s important to choose a team that offers you the best quality and service around. Here at Longho...

Types of Shingles Dimensional Shingles

This Is A Quality Shingle Roof, Austin!

Metal roofing is growing more popular by the day, but many homeowners still prefer the classic look of shingles.

Roof Repair

When To Have Roof Flashing Repair Done On Your Home

Here in the Austin area, your roof works hard all year round to protect your home. It stands up against wind, rain, hail – and, of course, the sun.

Roof Replacement Metal Roofing

Professional Metal Roofing In Austin, Texas

Are you searching for the metal roofing Austin residents can really rely on?

Roof Replacement Roof Repair

How can Foundation Problems Cause Roof Damage?

  A home’s foundation is vital to the strength and stability of the entire structure. When it’s compromised, the whole structure is bound to experienc...

Austin Roofing Contractors Composition Roofing

Austin Composition Roof Contractors

When there’s a roofing job afoot, one of the most important – and earliest – steps is to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of roof material.