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10 Questions To Ask Roofing Companies In Austin TX-Getting An Estimate

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When you’re looking for professional services – like roofing companies in Austin TX – it’s important to know what questions you should ask.That’s essential to getting solid answers so you can make the right choice each time.

Here are some key questions to ask roofing companies in Austin TX:

“How long have you been in business?”

Roofing contractors should be able to point to a bare minimum of five years in business. That’s about as long as it takes for a roofing apprenticeship in many areas, and you shouldn’t rely on a business that has less experience than an industry newcomer!

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“Who owns your business?”

Locally-owned businesses have a tendency to provide the best customer service. All the better if the owner is someone who is involved in the day-to-day workings so you can discuss your project directly.

“How will you remove any materials torn off my roof?”

Roofers need to either have a dumpster on-site or other accommodations, such as a large flatbed truck. They should also have a plan in place to remove roofing nails from the lawn. 

“How will you protect my driveway and property from damage?”

Some level of roof debris is inevitable, so make sure you understand how your property will be safeguarded. If you have a closed garage, you’ll probably be asked to use it during the project.

“Who do I contact with questions, comments, or concerns during my project?”

You should have a single point of contact to meet all your needs throughout a roofing project. Ideally, that person should be someone directly involved in the job, but experience is the key factor.

“What might cause my contracted price to go up?”

An estimate should be ironclad, but the best roofers acknowledge that areas that need attention might be discovered after the shingles are removed. Decking which is under the shingles, for example might be rotten and need replacing. Other items that occasionally need to be addressed after work has started include damaged fascia or trim.

“Are tax credits or utility rebates available?”

Roofing companies in Austin TX should be up on the latest state and municipal incentives for roof work. Many of these are short-term programs that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The best contractors can get you started or even help you with the paperwork.

“Do you have evidence of insurance?"

Liability insurance is a must.

“How will you protect my home’s gutters?”

Your gutters are easily damaged, and everything in the home depends on them – from roof, to walls, to foundation. Make sure they’ll be protected with gutter guards or other methods.

“What happens if the weather turns bad?”

No one can predict the weather, but at the very least, a good contractor should be able to reschedule promptly.

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