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35 Years Strong - Your Roofing Company in Austin Texas

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According to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year – and 50% close their doors within five years. Only about a third of companies make ten years.

How many get to be 35? The stats don’t say – but we bet the answer is “not many!”

That’s one reason why the team at Longhorn Roofing is honored to announce we’re celebrating our 35th anniversary. Yes: through three generations of family ownership and thousands of roofing projects, our commitment to our Central Texas community has brought us to this huge milestone.

The Longhorn Roofing Team Looks Forward to Another 35 Years in Central Texas

At a time like this, especially when so many businesses are struggling, it’s important to reflect and thank our friends and neighbors for giving us the opportunity to show just what Longhorn Roofing is all about.

Through the years, we’ve worked with residential customers from all over the Austin area. We’re proud to be one of the longest-lasting and most trusted roofing companies in Austin TX.

We’ve had a number of great successes and we’d like to share some of them with you.

Longhorn Roofing was one of the first to introduce residential metal roofing to Austin

Not all roofing companies in Austin TX provide residential metal roofing, but our team was among the first. We were excited by metal’s potential to save homeowners money and reduce emissions.

We took that a step further, creating a custom process for fabricating and installing metal roofing that enhances metal’s outstanding qualities. Our high-gauge Galvalume steel panels are fabricated on site for the perfect fit, making it more likely you’ll get the 50+ years of service that metal is known for.

Longhorn Roofing has Helped the Central Texas Community Through Decades of Rough Storm Seasons

Storm season is one of the biggest challenges for roofing companies in Austin TX. We work hard to help as many people as possible, launching a full slate of roof repairs and replacements as soon as rain stops.

Over the years, fake roofing companies in Austin TX have victimized many families. Our efforts to reach out to the community and help people recognize roofing scams continue every year.

Because of our experience, we’re also able to help Austin roofing customers make sure they have all the information they need for their roofing insurance claim. Insurance can often cover 100% of your roof repair in Austin, but all the paperwork needs to be perfect.

Longhorn Roofing is still building a roofing team to be proud of

At Longhorn, we’re committed to quality. Our close relationships with roofing manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed reflect our ability to maintain the highest standards. Dozens of roofing pros have developed into masters within our company, and we’re still going strong. With hundreds of years of experience behind us you can be sure you are getting the very best roof available for your home.

A roofing company can only stand behind its work if it’s still there in the future. For roofing in Austin, call us today – we’ll be here for you.

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