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4 Ways Austin Roofing Can Save You Energy

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Many different structures and materials go into a home, but when it comes to a comfortable indoor temperature, none are quite as important as your roof.

 In summer and winter alike, the roof is vital – and it is the key to saving on energy use.

That’s especially noticeable in the summer, when cooling can cost hundreds of dollars. 

What if you could run your air conditioner a fraction of the time, and still achieve the results you want? Your roof can help you lower electricity use in cooling your home. This comes in two forms: Reflecting solar radiation and ensuring cool air isn’t lost.Austin Roofing

Let’s reveal four Austin roofing projects that help you bust your energy bill:

1. Insulation

Insulation directly reduces thermal transfer between your attic, which tends to be very warm, and the rest of your air conditioned home. It also vastly extends the life of your roof. Old insulation should be replaced and new, high-grade insulation added whenever possible.

2. Attic Ventilation

If insulation is so important, why bother with ventilation – which often means adding vents to an attic? The truth is, both insulation and attic ventilation work together to produce the best results. They keep air from becoming overheated and stagnant all throughout your home. Good air flow is essential!

3. Shingle Coloration

When it comes to Austin roofing material, lighter colors are often best. Lighter shingles reflect sunlight, darker ones absorb it. With that in mind, light composite shingles are usually best for a quick, low-cost project. Specialized Cool Roof Shingles can do an even better job.

4. A Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is a great solution for reducing heat transfer between the hot roof exterior and the attic. It comes in the form of a specialized silver coating layer that reflects lots of solar radiation. Although it resembles silver paint that would take ages to apply, it can be installed in minutes by a good roofer.

These four roofing features aren’t just for summer, either. In the winter, they’re just as influential to keep the cold out and the warm in. So, no matter when you decide to start a roofing project, you’re benefiting your home and family for years to come.

Want to get the most from every inch of your roof? Just ask the Austin roofing experts.

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