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7 Steps to Roof Health When Buying a Home in Round Rock

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Are you thinking of buying a new home in Round Rock – or have you recently purchased one?

When house hunting in Round Rock, one of the most important things to think about is how well the roof will hold up. A neglected roof can make it very costly to protect your new property.

Of course, you might not want to invest more in the roof if it’s perfectly sound and meets all your needs. So, what steps should you take to make sure your roof is really worth the asking price?

Here’s what to do:healthyroofcredit

1. Ask Your Seller

First and foremost, ask your seller about any work done to the roof. Not all projects need permits, but if extensive work was done to the roof or attic then it should be on record with the City of Round Rock. If no one is quite sure when the roof was last inspected, it’s probably past time to do it.

2. Request a Pre-Sale Inspection

Unless there are roof inspection results from the last six months available for you to review, a new inspection is your safest bet. Remember, you can often get the seller of a home to agree to pay for a roof inspection as part of a comprehensive home inspection process.

3. Check the Attic

As a prospective buyer, you have the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of a home you’re serious about buying. The attic can tell you a lot about the health of the roof. Look for signs of moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and damaged insulation.

4. Examine the Roof from the Driveway

Homes are usually sold looking their best, so if you see full gutters on the roof, it’s a good clue how it’s been treated over the years. From the ground, you can also spot signs of damaged roof shingles, discoloration, and damage to flashing or vent pipes.

5. If Possible, Observe the Drainage

If you happen to be in the neighborhood during rain, swing by to see a home’s gutters in action. Healthy gutters allow water to drain safely away from the building. Damaged gutters prevent the free flow of water or cause it to drain toward the foot of the building. Speaking of which ...

6. Have the Foundation Looked At

Sure, this is outside the expertise of most Round Rock roofing experts, but it’s still a good idea. Long-term drainage issues and other roof problems can cause cracks in a home’s foundation. This can be a serious safety issue – as severe as a faulty roof. So, always check it out.

7. Get a Post-Sale Inspection Soon

Do your research (like you’re doing now!) and get a good Round Rock roofer saved to your phone as soon as you can. Shingle roofs benefit from an inspection every 1-2 years and after major weather events; metal roofs can go 2-3 years, but it’ll be time before you know it.

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