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What goes into getting the best price for roofing for residents in Round Rock?

When you call for bids on a roofing job, you’re likely to get a range of prices. It’s a wise idea to look closely at low bids: Are they coming from a company that can really meet its obligations at that price?

The answer is “not always.”

Creating a Good Bid for Roofing in the Round Rock Area Requires Experience

If you’re looking for a truly affordable Round Rock roofer, it’s crucial to go with experience.

Newcomers to roofing will often underbid on projects. They may be “hungry” for work, but the truth is, it leads to cutting corners. 

On the other hand, an experienced, local roofing team can deliver quality at an affordable price.

There are two main reasons:

1.) Quality Relationships with Roofing Manufacturers and Suppliers

A roofing team that has been around the block can get supplies for a lower price. When you have a few hundred roofing projects to do every year, suppliers get to know your name. Bulk discounts make it far easier to access crucial materials and pass the savings onto customers like you.

Those relationships extend to your roofing manufacturer, too.

Longhorn Roofing is recognized by brands like CertainTeed and GAF for our roofing quality. We work with these brands to uphold the standards they expect, which makes it much easier for us to implement the best roofing technologies at a price that makes sense.

2.) The Art of Bidding – Knowing What’s Around the Corner

Have you ever had a project you cleared one day for … that took all weekend?

Or one you wanted to get done in a weekend – and it took all week?

Ever started on a big project that kept going for months?

Everyone’s had this experience, even roofers – but not when it comes to roofing! It takes years to get a sense of how quickly a job can be done, where savings can be found, and what might happen along the way. All this goes into your written project estimate from us.

A low estimate isn’t worth much if you end up paying more later:

•    For better roofing materials because cheaper stuff was ordered first
•    For equipment because the right equipment for the job didn’t show
•    For more staffing because there weren’t enough roofers to finish up

An in-person inspection is how Longhorn Roofing keeps roofing affordable. By getting eyes on the roof as soon as possible, we can identify the issues and make sure we’re fully equipped to repair or replace your roof when you schedule time with us.

With more than 30 years of Round Rock roofing under our belt, Longhorn Roofing means you never have to sacrifice quality to get an affordable roofing project. To find out more or get started, contact us today by calling us at (512) 572-3338 or by clicking on the "free estimate" image just below. 

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