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4 Things You Should Know About Austin Texas Roofing

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When you own a home in Austin, it’s crucial to have a roofer you trust!

Austin Texas roofing is some of the most demanding not just in Texas, but throughout the nation. The high heat and potential for severe weather greatly reduce the working life of the average shingle roof.

Roofs that could last up to 30 years elsewhere may lose a whole decade here. And if your home insurer discovers your roof is in bad condition, you might end up paying more for your policy – or even lose it.

With the right Austin TX roofing know-how, you can keep your roof going strong. Annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs are essential for anyone who wants to get the most value from their roof.

This also gives you more control as your roof ages and it’s time to consider a roof replacement.

Let’s take a closer look at the different parts of Austin Texas roofing.

What are four things we believe that homeowners should know about Austin, Texas roofing?

1. Roof Inspections Should be Performed Once Per Year

A roof inspection should be performed once a year at least a few weeks before storm season. This will give you the chance to get any necessary roof maintenance or repair work done before tough weather turns minor wear and tear into serious leaks and other roofing problems.

If you notice signs of damage like curled, cracked, or missing shingles, move up the timeline for your roof inspection. Only a professional roofer can evaluate issues beneath the surface that might affect your roof’s underlayment (waterproof membrane) or the structural elements below.

If you have a residential metal roof in Austin, you are in luck. These roofs have a much longer service life and are highly resistant to most weather conditions. A roof inspection should be done every other year unless damage occurs. Luckily, most damage is superficial and doesn’t affect performance.

2. High-Quality Roofing Maintenance Maintains the Quality of Your Home's Foundation

All roofs require maintenance from time to time. You can give your roof a leg up by making sure your gutters are kept clean. Full gutters not only have the potential to contribute to roof damage, but they can also enable water to settle into the foot of your home's structure. Over time, this may erode your foundation.

Roof maintenance is usually simple when it is done in a timely manner. All cracked, bruised, or curled shingles should be removed and replaced. The state that shingles are in can disclose other issues that you might want to address. For example, poor ventilation in the attic can “bake” shingles from below.

3. Be Proactive with Roof Leaks

Roof repair is most common after Austin TX storm damage. It’s a wise idea to have a reputable Austin roofer on speed dial because the schedule gets full soon after heavy weather. If your roof is leaking, be sure to apply a weatherproof tarp to any damaged areas of the roof as soon as possible. Many insurers require this, and if you forget to do it, it could be very costly down the line.

4. Deflect Solar Radiation and Save Money with a Metal Roof

Sooner or later, even the best Austin roofing will need to be replaced. Shingle roofs are still the most popular and represent a lower upfront investment. However, many homeowners are discovering the amazing power of residential metal roofing in Austin.

A residential metal roof has the potential to deflect about 50% of the solar radiation that strikes it. This keeps you cooler in winter and warmer in the summer and substantially reduces how hard your air conditioner needs to work, saving you money.

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