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Call a Metal Roofer and Start 2020 With a Money-Saving New Roof

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2020 is here, and there’s never been a better time to get a metal roof.

To make the most of your new roof, you need to work with an experienced metal roofer in Austin.

An established metal roofer uses their buying power to get materials at a discount. Compared to those who’ve only been around a few years or only do a few jobs a season, they source superior material at a reduced rate. Then, the best metal roofers will pass savings on to you.

If you haven’t considered a metal roof in Austin just yet, don’t miss out.

Once almost exclusively found on agricultural and commercial buildings, metal roofing changes the residential roofing game in big ways. It doesn’t just look great – it provides performance advantages that traditional shingle roofs just can’t match.backyardcred

A quality shingle roof is still excellent, but nothing around beats the best Austin metal roofs.

Here’s why:

1. Metal Roofs Last Longer Than Shingle Roofs

It’s always best to take a manufacturer’s estimate of a roof’s life with a grain of salt. Thanks to Austin weather, your shingle roof could deteriorate a full ten years sooner than planned. Not so with metal roofs: They not only meet the estimates, they usually exceed them.

2. Metal Roofs Stand Up to Harsh Austin Weather

Speaking of weather, your roof stands up to a lot of it. From rain to wind to snow to hail, a metal roof is more durable. The materials and slope of a metal roof allow many types of weather to simply skip off the surface. You’ll be fully prepared for storm season.

3. Metal Roofs Require Less Maintenance Overall

Yes, you should still get your metal roof inspected on a regular basis. All in all, though, you’ll run into fewer problems with it. On a standing seam metal roof, joints are reinforced. This serves to strengthen structural weak points that often cause trouble on other roofs.

4. Metal Roofs Save Money on Heating and Cooling

This is one of the biggest benefits of metal roofs. High reflectivity can deflect more than 50% of solar radiation from your structure. No matter the season, you’ll reach the temperature you want and sustain it for longer will less effort. You could save hundreds of dollars a year.

5. Metal Roofs Are Immune to Common Surface Issues

A metal roof resists mold and mildew like nothing else – they’re virtually unknown. Metal roofing is easy to ventilate, too. If you have an older home with an existing attic, you’ll benefit from enhanced protection and extend the life of your attic insulation.

New Year, New Roof? Longhorn Roofing Can Help

Any weather, any time, the pros at Longhorn Roofing are here to help you kick off 2020 right with a new roof. Come discover the difference made by decades of experience. Contact us today.

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