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Just 25 miles from Austin, Georgetown, TX is known for the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.

But when you want the most beautiful roof in Texas, you need to call a Georgetown metal roofer!

Residential metal roofing is coming into its own in the Austin area, and that’s good news for anyone who’s on the lookout for a Georgetown metal roofer. Metal roofers in Georgetown can help you get the most value from your decision to switch to a metal roof. And there are lots of reasons why you should consider it:

Unlike shingle roofs, residential metal roofs can last 50 years or more with maintenance. Metal roofing deflects solar radiation, reducing your energy use for cooling and heating:

  • -Your metal roof is fireproof and highly resistant to wind, rain, hail, mold, and much more

    -But not just anyone can make it work – the installation needs to be done perfectly.

    -That’s why you need a Georgetown metal roofer, not a do-it-yourself roofing kit!

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take from a Georgetown Metal Roofer?

Good metal roofing installation practices are essential to getting value from your new roof. With that in mind, you might wonder just how long the process takes. Naturally, the more experienced your roofing contractor is, the faster it will be, but only up to a point.

When replacing a standard shingle roof, there is usually no need to do much below the shingle layer. The waterproof underlayment and the structural elements beneath it are untouched. On the other hand, installing a metal roof in Georgetown can take a lot more work.

While you can sometimes get a shingle roof completely replaced in one day, a metal roof may take two or three days. At no point during this time will your interior be “exposed to the sky.” In fact, you can go about your daily life without worry as your roofers work their magic.

As a general rule, your Georgetown metal roofer will get started early in the day. Depending on the size of the roof, it may be necessary to arrive at your home or business at 6:00. The early setup is performed quietly, and then work will begin around 8:00 in the morning.

Any Georgetown metal roofer will tell you that getting started early is critical.

Starting early means that more will be done before the hottest part of the day. That gives your roofing team a chance to take a break and cool off without putting the project timeline in danger. Since it can be 30 degrees hotter on the roof than it is at ground level, this is a major safety concern.

When everything is ready early enough, a Georgetown metal roofer can work from sunrise to sunset. No matter the time of year, this is usually around twelve hours. Even in June and July, when days are long, it still works out to about 12 hours because of the mid-day break.

Once your roofers are on the case, you don’t need to be concerned about things like roof debris, which will be cleaned up at the end of every work day and once again when the project is completed. Likewise, we bring plenty of cold beverages, so don’t feel awkward. For your safety, we only ask that you spend as little time as possible out in your yard and front lawn during the work.

For Superior Quality, Don’t Settle for DIY Metal Roofing in Georgetown

Many hardware stores are now providing DIY metal roofing kits targeted directly to homeowners.

Even if you follow all the instructions to the letter, however, you won’t get the results you really want.

There are three major reasons why:

  • -The panels are “one size fits all” and inevitably leave gaps since they don’t fit any home perfectly

  • -Those same panels are usually made from thin, low-gauge steel prone to hail and snow damage

  • -Fasteners are rarely protected in a DIY system, putting the whole roof at risk when they fall out

When residential metal roofing is done by a professional, you get high-quality engineering that protects you from any possible problem. For example, the raised “ribs” of standing seam metal roof guard fasteners make it virtually impossible for them to become unseated, no matter how harsh the weather gets.

Longhorn Roofing Is the Georgetown Metal Roofer with More than 30 Years’ Expertise

Longhorn Roofing is here to help Georgetown homeowners like you enjoy the best metal roofs.

All of our residential metal roof systems are custom-made on-site from thick, high-gauge steel panels. To extend their service life even further, each panel receives complete anti-corrosion treatment with Galvalume coating. Our detailed inspection process ensures the job is done right every time.

To learn more or get started with metal roofing, contact us.

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