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How Long Will a Galvalume Metal Roof Last?

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It’s no surprise that the quality of the materials that go into your metal roof are a huge determining factor in how it performs throughout its lifetime. At Longhorn Roofing, our residential metal roofing is the most reliable around.

Our Austin standing seam metal roofs stand out for three main reasons:

  • -They are made from 24-gauge steel
  • -They are fabricated on site for the perfect fit
  • -They are coated with Galvalume for extra protection

It’s clear to homeowners why they want thicker steel – it adds strength without much additional a man holds the edge of a Galvalume Metal Roofing panel weight, so both your roof and foundation remain sound. Likewise, it’s easy to understand why custom roofing panels matter: They prevent gaps in your roof that can lead to leaks.

But many homeowners have asked us: What exactly is Galvalume?

A Galvalume metal roof is much more durable than a standard metal roof – but odds are good you’ve never heard of Galvalume before. Let’s delve deeper into what it is and why a metal roof made of Galvalume is so incredibly valuable.

Galvalume is a Leading Material for One of the Biggest Metal Roof Risks

It wasn’t all that long ago when most metal roofing was on industrial or agricultural buildings. When the industry made the big jump to residential metal roofing, it became essential to find more effective ways to protect the metal panels from environmental hazards, especially rust.

A Galvalume metal roof is coated from edge to edge with a mixture of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc with trace amounts of silicon. This gives it protection from rust that’s comparable to that of stainless steel, but its less expensive. Over time, Galvalume tends to perform better than 100% zinc-coated galvanized steel.

The chemical properties of zinc make Galvalume what’s called a “sacrificial coating.” This means the underlying steel of a Galvalume metal roof is protected from rust. Only the coating itself can corrode – this happens over long periods of time and is easily repaired if it becomes noticeable.

Galvalume’s anti-corrosion advantage gives your roof a head start on lasting 40, or even 50 years.

The manufacturing techniques used in early metal roofing often left the edges of the roof vulnerable to corrosion. These days, a continuous hot-dip process is used to ensure an even, durable coat through to the very edges. That keeps your roof safer against harsh rain and snow.

To learn more about a Galvalume metal roof for your home, contact Longhorn Roofing.

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