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Solar Panels on Metal Roofs

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Metal residential roofing is a huge boon to Texas homeowners who want to save money on their energy bill. Reflecting a large portion of solar radiation away from your home means it is easier to keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

About two billion square feet of metal roofing have gone up in the U.S. over the last four decades, and the trend is accelerating. As more people discover metal roofing, a whole new reason to choose it is emerging.

Metal Roofing Solar Panels: The Perfect Combination for Budget-Conscious Homeowners

No one would turn away the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars a year on their energy bill. With metal roofing,  you may have the opportunity to drive your electricity costs down. Adding solar panels may even put money back in your pocket as electric companies will buy back excess electricity. 

Metal roofing sense for a number of reasons:

 1. Metal Roofing Will Last Longer than composition shingles

Unlike shingle roofs, which typically need replacement around the 20-year mark, metal roofing will last and last. It’s not uncommon for a residential metal roof to make it through 50 years of service. 

2. Metal Roofing Panels make it easy to Install solar panels

Mounting solar to tile can cost homeowners hundreds more, since it takes longer to perform installation correctly and avoid breaking tiles. On the other hand, your solar panels can be mounted directly to the standing seams of your roof panels: That means fewer components, no roof penetration, and great load balancing.

3. Metal Roofing  with Solar Panels Have Higher ROI

When you install solar, you want to see a change in the cost of owning your home as soon as you can. A combination metal/solar roof system makes it happen: Even installing a new metal roof is often less expensive than having to dismantle the system in mid-life to replace your roof. The performance qualities of the metal roof will also help with solar energy throughput, and protect from weather and fire.

For all these reasons and more, metal roofing is rising as a share of replacement roofs across the Austin area. Installation costs are going down and opportunities to maximize your roof’s value are rising fast. Even if you plan to sell, a metal roof and a solar system can make a home uniquely attractive on the market.

To get to an electric bill of zero (or even negative!) your solar panel system needs a quality roof beneath it. Longhorn Roofing has been installing roofs for over three decades. To get started with your new metal roof, contact us today.

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