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Metal Roofing For The Long Haul In Round Rock

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Round Rock is a place known for many things. Its occasionally wild weather is near the top of the list!

Wind, rain, and snows all visit the Round Rock community throughout the year. Although people do everything they can to protect their homes from foul weather, the roof still takes the brunt of these events. A good roof means you can rest easy. Poor workmanship may leave you with leaks or worse.

In the Austin area, as in many places throughout the United States, major weather events are getting more common. There are risks in both summer and winter. Round Rock roofing is changing to compensate, delivering even stronger roofing materials and durable roofing methods.

One of the brightest ideas in Round Rock roofing these days is metal roofing.longhaulcredit

How Metal Roofing Keeps Your Home Safe, Secure, and Protected

Metal roofing has long been popular in certain types of agricultural and industrial buildings. Now, Round Rock roofing provides a stunning array of stylish, modern metal roofs that are both beautiful and hardy – a far cry from what you’d expect to see on a barn!

Metal roofing is the best solution around if you want to ensure your home lasts and lasts. Unlike a conventional shingle roof, a metal roof can be expected to last half a century – yes, fifty years! – with just a little bit of basic care.

Plus, a metal roof helps your house stand up to all kinds of issues:

  • Snow and hail runs right off metal roofs instead of piling up and causing a leak risk.
  • Metal roofs provide a channel for rain to flow into gutters rather than into your lawn.
  • A metal roof is completely impervious to fire – any sparks simply go out on contact.
  • Metal roofs don’t succumb to mold or mildew, which can render a home unsafe.

When it comes to aesthetic performance, metal roofs have a lot to offer, too. Metal roof panels won’t fade in the sun the way shingles will. Where shingles can warp and become upturned at the edges, metal panels stay tight – and the fasteners, a traditional weak point in most roof types, can be fully concealed. The key is using the best installation techniques for the job.

At Longhorn Roofing, we consider metal one of the best bets in Round Rock roofing. That’s the reason we’ve taken it to the next level with a handcrafted approach. We fabricate your custom roof panels on site using thick, powerful 24-gauge Galvalume coated steel panels. The excellent fit and high quality materials give you one of the best roofs in Round Rock.

To find out more about reliable Round Rock roofing, contact Longhorn Roofing today.

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