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Metal Roofing for Hot Climates

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When it comes to the searing hot Central Texas summer, keeping cool is priority No. 1!

You probably find yourself thinking a lot about your air conditioning at this time of year. Homeowners often schedule an inspection for their AC to make sure it’s up to the job.

But your roof has a lot to contribute to the climate inside of your home, as well as to your energy expenditure.

How Your Roof Helps You Keep Cool (or Not!) in Austin

When it comes to climate control, your roof is special.

Positioned at the top of your home, it’s the single largest flat surface the sun beats down on. What happens to that solar radiation tells you a lot about how hot your house will get during the day.

You probably know dark colors absorb heat, causing the interior to get hotter. A bright white roof provides some reflective power, knocking off 10% to 20% of solar heat depending on the roof material.A thermometer juxtaposed with the hot city of Austin, Texas in the background

Then there’s the metal roof: It can reflect up to half of the solar radiation.

This means your home’s natural airflow cycle is much more efficient: You stay cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer because your roof and attic aren’t constantly overheated. That translates to less work for your air conditioner, which can actually last longer.

Residential Metal Roofing is Designed to Combat Hot Climates

Central Texas homeowners love a metal roof because of the substantial savings they can enjoy on their air conditioning bill. Most people notice a difference in their energy consumption right away.

But the benefits of a metal roof don’t end there:


Central Texas weather is the main factor that causes most roofs to fail before their time – usually a little earlier than the 20-year mark. While that’s common for shingle roofs, the sturdy construction and strong materials used in a metal roof means it often lasts 50 years or more with minimal or no color fading.

Wind Resistance

High temperatures create the conditions for high winds, and we all know that wind and rain together can be a fierce combination. Shingles can easily be blown away in intense wind. On the other hand, a standing seam metal roof uses reinforced “seams” to support and reinforce joints, protecting them.

Fire Resistance

A hot, dry climate is perfect for fire. Unfortunately, many Austin summers have seen serious fires as well as strict rules on potential fire hazards. Your metal roof protects you from wandering embers, which will simply go out on contact. And there’s no truth to the myth that a metal roof attracts lightning!


Mildew, algae, and mold are all possible in the heat, requiring just a little moisture to get started. While algae is mostly harmless, it can be unsightly. Algae flourishes in the many cracks and crevices heat can cause in shingles (and pests use them to get in and out, too). On the other hand, a metal roof stands firm.

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