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Metal Roofing Austin, Texas-Your Questions, Answered Here!

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Spring is the best time to get your new metal roof, and the phone is ringing here at Longhorn Roofing!

More people are finding out from friends and neighbors about the remarkable benefits of a metal roof. Since there are so many topics people are curious about, we thought it was time to share some of the questions we get from Austin-area homeowners.Standing Seam Metal Roof

Let’s take a closer look:

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

In Austin, the average shingle roof lasts 20 years or less – much lower than the usual roofing manufacturer’s estimate. Winter and summer storms alike take years off the roof’s life. On the other hand, metal roofs can last anywhere from 30-50 years with a little maintenance.

Are Metal Roofs Good for the Environment?

Because they last so long, standing seam metal roofing is great for the environment. Over the same period of time that you have your metal roof, you’d need to replace dozens of worn-out shingles on a conventional shingle roof. Those shingles are petroleum products, and damaged ones can stay in landfills for a long time.

Is a Metal Roof Expensive?

Metal roofs are a bigger upfront investment than a shingle roof. However, the cost of ownership is much lower and so are the odds that you’ll need major repair work in the future. Shingle roofs in Austin should be inspected once a year to catch leaks before they develop. Metal roofing can be inspected once every two years.

Does a Metal Roof Get Dented by Hail?

It’s true: Metal roofs can be dented by hail, especially if they take a direct hit from a large hailstone. But unlike a damaged shingle that would have to be replaced, hail dents in metal are almost always superficial. You may notice the difference, but you roof doesn’t: You might even say it has no “impact.”

Does a Metal Roof Help With Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is one of the top reasons to choose metal roofing. On average, the roof reflects away about 50% of solar radiation that strikes the surface. That makes it easier to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some homeowners report saving hundreds of dollars a year compared to their old roof.

Still curious? Have other questions not mentioned here? Longhorn Roofing is always ready to help. Contact us today to find out about metal roofing in Austin, Texas.

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