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6 Tenets of an Excellent Round Rock Roofing Company

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If you’ve never worked with a local Round Rock roofing company, it can be tough to tell one from another. With our decades of experience in Round Rock and throughout Austin, we’ve developed reliable criteria that can help you make the right decision.

We call them the 6 Tenets of an Excellent Round Rock Roofing Company:

Round Rock is a city with a strong foundation for economic growth. WhenRound Rock Roofing it comes to Round Rock roofing companies, Longhorn Roofing, a long-standing Round Rock Chamber of Commerce Member, stands out as being a proud supporter and investor in the health of Round Rock.

Longhorn Roofing has been a member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce since 2013.

So, what are the 6 tenets of an excellent Round Rock roofing company?

  2. 1.) Sustainable Roofing Practices

Did you know that in the U.S. alone, almost 10 million tons of shingles are taken off of roofs every year? Unfortunately, many of those shingles end up in landfills, even though with some care and consideration, shingles can be recycled for use in road repair and construction.

People in Round Rock care about the environment and Longhorn Roofing does, too. To reflect this, we are members of the Owens Corning Shingle Recycling Program.

This means that we have pledged:

  • -To remove shingles and collect them for recycling

  • -To make sure that shingles from our projects are always brought to collection locations verified by Earth 911

  • -To use recycled products, when possible, and to follow the best practices of environmentally-friendly roofing

2.) Energy Conservation Roofing Options

Another way that Longhorn Roofing seeks to be forward-thinking among roofing companies in Round Rock is by offering a variety of options for using a new roof to save on energy costs. A "cool roof" allows you to not only save money and reduce the load on your HVAC system but also create a more comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Some of the cool roofing options Longhorn Roofing offers are:

  • -Custom-made, standing-seam, heavy-gauge metal roofing that reflects the sun's rays

  • -Duration Premium COOL Shingles by Owens Corning and GAF as well as Timberline Cool Series Shingles, both of which have granules that reflect solar energy

  • -Roof venting installation to allow the heat and moisture regulation to occur naturally

3.) An Established Reputation

With over 30 years of working in the Austin area, we are one of the roofing companies in the area with the most experience. One of the reasons we have been in business so long is that we take customer satisfaction seriously.

We know that our customers deserve to have:

  • -Their calls were answered promptly
  • -Help in understanding insurance claims
  • -All of their options are explained carefully and thoroughly
  • -Their property is respected and cleaned up after the day's work is done

4.) Takes Investment in Round Rock Seriously

Round Rock, Texas is a wonderful community and Longhorn Roofing is proud to have a part in helping the community grow, thrive, and be protected with quality roofing products and installation. Even more importantly, Longhorn Roofing makes sure that roofing in our community is safe for our families and environmentally friendly.

5.) Involved in the Round Rock Community

When you deal with a large statewide, regional, or even national roofing company, you never know if your business is really important to them. You may be dealing with inexperienced subcontractors who don’t have much of a stake in providing quality service and earning repeat business.

Longhorn Roofing is a family-owned and operated company that we have built right from the ground up in the Austin area. We live where we work. Many members of our team learned the roofing trade with us and have spent their entire careers around Austin, so they take quality seriously.

6.) Recognized by Texas' Roofing Industry

First-time roofing customers are in for a big surprise when they look for roofing licenses in Texas: There is no such thing. Texas stands out alongside Florida as one of America’s roofing scam capitals. How can you be sure you are dealing with someone honest?

At Longhorn, we’ve gone the extra mile to join a variety of respected industry organizations. Our team has collectively trained for thousands of hours to earn our status as a Owens Corning and GAF-Certified Roofing Contractor. We are always glad to discuss our credentials and experience with you.

Longhorn Roofing Makes Roofing Easier for You

When you choose Longhorn Roofing, there are no surprises you need to worry about. We put our guarantees and project plans in writing so you always know what the next steps will be. Replacement & repair estimates are always free.

Unlike many of the other guys, we’ll never rush you to make a decision. You have the time you need to review everything and come to your own conclusion. We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need, and will always treat your property with respect. That includes a full cleanup after the job!

Check out our customer reviews on Google and the BBB, and contact Longhorn Roofing today to find out more. Or, click the image below and fill out a form to get started with a free estimate!

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