on December 11, 2019

Round Rock Roofing Tips: Extend Roof Life By Protecting Your Attic

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In the soaring Texas heat, your roof can be more than 50° hotter than street-level. 

One of the big jobs of Round Rock roofing is to ensure heat doesn’t cook your shingles!

Yes, roofing shingles are designed to withstand heat, rain, wind, and hail. Still, extreme temperatures have the potential to damage shingles:

  • They lead to fading, which compromises aesthetic appearance.
  • They promote shingle curling, which makes leaks more likely.
  • If moisture gets under the shingles, they can literally bake!

An annual inspection is the cornerstone of Round Rock roofing. If inspections are getting done and you avoid setting foot on the roof, you’ve won half the battle.

But there’s another element to remember: Your attic.

The Attic and Roof Work Together to Keep Your Home Comfortableatticcred

In some places, it’s common to use an attic for extra storage or even convert it into a room. Not so here in the Houston area, where the attic tends to be too hot to spend much time in.

For most homeowners, the attic is out of sight and out of mind. Since you probably aren’t up there often, you might not have the chance to catch signs of roof damage from the attic area.

The attic is a space created by the slope of most residential roofs. It is as close as can be to the roof itself. But it has a functional purpose (beyond storing old holiday decorations.)

Insulation in the attic reduces the amount of heat coming into your home. It’s your second line of defense. And unless you have Cool Roof shingles or a metal roof, it has a big job to do!

When your attic and its insulation are in good shape, your home stays cooler during the day. Your air conditioner cycles less often and runs for shorter periods. That saves money and helps you stay comfortable even when it’s hot out.

But what happens when the attic isn’t working as it should?

Stealth Attic Problems Can Put Your Home Budget and Roof at Risk

Three major issues can happen in the attic:

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is the biggest culprit when it comes to attic health. Attics used for any purpose in the home often end up with blocked vents. However, some are insufficiently ventilated from the start. These will require additional vents to be installed.

Moisture Infiltration

Even if you don’t notice leaks, small amounts of moisture can still enter the attic. In addition to potentially harming the underside of shingles, it creates an environment where mold and mildew fester. Uncontrolled moisture rapidly destroys insulation.

Damaged Insulation

Insulation degrades over time and eventually needs replacement. Some Houston homes have old insulation already in need of help. However, ensuring proper airflow in the attic will greatly extend the life of most existing insulation.

All of these problems can be solved by your friendly neighborhood Round Rock roofing pro. With better ventilation, your attic will work better and your roof will last longer. Contact Longhorn Roofing today.

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