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Standing Seam Metal Roofing for Residential Homes

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Are you thinking about standing seam metal roofing for your current or next home? Although residential metal roofing has been around for years, more homeowners are seeking it out and discovering its exceptional performance qualities.

Residential metal roofing is truly unique:

  • -It reflects a huge portion of solar radiation, saving you money on both cooling and heating
  • -It can last 30 years or more with maintenance and is easier to care for than a shingle roofStandingSeamMetalRoof2
  • -Precipitation skips right off, it is designed to prevent ice damming, and it is 100% fireproof
  • -It is resistant to mold, mildew, and other growths, and is extremely easy to keep clean

Of all the different types of metal roofing, standing seam metal roofing is by far the most durable. Every roof, whether shingle or metal, has fasteners – they’re crucial, but they represent the structural weak point of the roof. Standing seam metal roofing protects fasteners and joints with raised metal “ribs.”

These ribs also give standing seam metal roofing its distinctive appearance and dramatic shadows.

As one of the first teams around to introduce standing seam metal roofing to the Austin area, Longhorn Roofing has seen a number of roofing systems come and go over the years. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofing You Can Trust

Standing seam metal roofing has stood the test of time, and for good reason. When it comes to getting maximum value from your roof, good installation is an absolute necessity.

That’s especially true of standing seam metal roofing. The panels must fit together properly and work in concert with the shape of the home. If panels are installed incorrectly, you are exposed to roof leaks and other issues. It may only be a matter of weeks before the roof starts acting up.

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