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Switching from Shingle to Metal? Metal Roofing Contractors Tell All

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If your shingle roof is showing signs of age, it might be time to upgrade to metal.

Yes, you can have a new metal roof installed regardless of the age of your existing roof or even the shape of your home. High-gauge Galvalume steel panels can be fabricated right on site so your new roof is the perfect match for your structure no matter what.

Naturally, getting a brand new roof is a big decision. shinglescredit

You need expert help from the best metal roofing contractors to get the most value. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to shift from shingle to metal, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers.

Q: When do I know my current shingle roof is ready to be replaced?

Sometimes, a roof will sustain serious damage as a result of an Austin-area storm. Most of the time, though, roofs simply age out. Maintenance gets more pricey until it’s no longer worthwhile.

Manufacturers often claim that their roofs last for 30 years or more. Unfortunately, this is only true under the very best conditions possible. Most Austin homeowners will start to have issues after about a decade and will explore replacement around the 20-year mark.

If annual roof maintenance is costing thousands instead of hundreds, it is time.

Q: Why not get another shingle roof instead of an Austin metal roof?

A shingle roof is a shingle roof. Metal roofing contractors worth their salt will admit that it does what it’s supposed to and does it well.

It provides you with a classic appearance that many people prefer, and it can even reduce heating and cooling bills with Cool Roof shingles.

When it comes to performance, though, metal roofing is on another level.

You can save hundreds on electricity through its superior reflective properties, making it easier to both cool and heat your home. It’s remarkably resistant to weather and requires less maintenance overall. It even resists mold and mildew.

Q: Does metal roofing attract lightning more often than shingle?

No. As metal roofing contractors, we’ve seen no evidence metal roofs attract lighting. In fact, even if a metal roof is struck by lightning, it’s fireproof – so risk and damage are minimal.

Q: Is metal roofing loud during rain or wind?

Metal roofing does sound different from shingle roofing when it’s raining. You will probably notice it, and it may take time to get used to. But it is still a pleasant sound, and not noticeably louder than rain on shingles.

Q: How does metal roofing affect the resale value of a home around Austin?

While some buyers might prefer shingle, the majority are savvy to the benefits of metal. By reducing the cost of maintenance and home climate control, a metal roof adds a lot of value. It can help a buyer’s home budget stay healthy.

Want to know more? Austin’s top metal roofing contractors are here to answer all of your questions. To get started, contact Longhorn Roofing of Austin today.

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