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Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

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Are you considering a metal roof in Austin?

Residential metal roofing is getting more popular every day as homeowners hear about its unique performance benefits. As a metal roof company Austin loves, the Longhorn Roofing team was one of the first to introduce it to our area in Central Texas.

It wasn’t that long ago when “metal roofing” was synonymous with agricultural or industrial structures. These old-fashioned metal roofs were known for durability, but they didn’t do much for aesthetics.

How things have changed!

If you are looking to give your Austin-area home a new lease on life, metal roofing is the answer.

Residential metal roofing has its own distinctive appearance. The thick 24-gauge Galvalume steel panels we use at Longhorn Roofing are beautiful, durable, and sleek. The standing-seam style not only protects the roof, but also creates dramatic shadows that give the whole surface a unique and stylish visual appeal.

But when it comes to performance, metal roofing in Austin really shines.

As the metal roof company Austin has chosen for more than 30 years, here’s why we love metal roofing:

1.) Metal Will Save You Money on Electricity

For most Austinites, electricity isn’t getting any cheaper. Unless you can install solar panels, you’re at the mercy of the utility – or are you? Metal roofing can help by reflecting some 50% of solar radiation away from your home so that you can maintain the temperature you want for longer periods of time. You’ll be cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer without running your HVAC system nearly as long.

2.) Metal is Highly Resistant to Austin Weather

Austin weather can be fierce, and that’s one reason even quality shingle roofs don’t last long beyond 20 years. Metal is extremely resistant to the weather: Water runs right off it, it can easily bear the weight of snow with no pooling as it melts, it’s fireproof, and – contrary to rumors – it doesn’t attract lightning. It even resists mold, mildew, and other growths common when shingle roofs aren’t cleaned regularly.

3.) Metal Has Modest Maintenance Needs

As a metal roof company Austin prefers, we want you to call us whenever you need us. But you won’t need to do that often because metal is just THAT good. Although you should still schedule periodic inspections by a qualified roofer, metal roofs rarely need to be repaired. Even if your roof takes a direct hit from a golf ball-sized hailstone, it’s more likely than not that the damage is only superficial.

New Home or Old, Metal Roofing Can Add Value and Cut Costs

A new metal roof is an investment, but it pays off in convenience, low maintenance, and energy savings.

Get the facts from a metal roof company Austin has turned to for more than 30 years.

We can discuss all your needs and, if you want to go forward, we’ll provide a complete written estimate.

To find out more or get started, call Longhorn Roofing, a metal roof contractor that Austin trusts for your new metal roof.

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