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Unexpected Ways Round Rock Roofs Show Their Age

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A brand new roof can go for several years without a lot of problems. 

The sooner you start getting regular preventive maintenance, however, the longer the roof system will last.

An active storm season or other disaster can take years off the life of your roof. With help from a Round Rock roofing expert, though, you can turn back the clock.

The best plan is to get your roof professionally inspected once a year before storm season.

Between inspections, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for subtle signs that your roof is in need of help. Round Rock roofing can have issues much sneakier than the average leak. curledshinglescred

Look for these problems that can mean there’s trouble afoot with your roof:

1. Curling of Multiple Shingles

Shingles are most vulnerable to curling in sustained high heat. As a roof ages, you’ll likely see a curled shingle now and then during summer, usually near one of the roof’s edges.

When you notice multiple shingles curling close to the roof’s center, it’s cause for alarm.

This can mean ventilation issues are concentrating heat within your roof decking and weakening shingles from below. Get the shingles replaced and the decking examined.

2. A Musty Odor or Moist Air Within Your Attic

Your attic offers insights into the health of your roof. One of the most serious issues – and luckily, easiest to spot – is humidity or a rank odor in your attic. Strive to keep the attic dry so you’ll be aware of this right away. Moisture seepage between the roof and attic can create conditions for mold or mildew. Your roof decking or underlayment may need repair.

3. Extreme Heat or Cold Within Your Attic

An attic is often a few degrees hotter or colder than the rest of the home, depending on season. If there’s an extreme temperature difference, air flow may be impeded.

Search for signs of deteriorating insulation, which should be replaced as soon as possible. Consider cool roof shingles that reflect solar radiation. Your home will be more comfortable and easier to heat or cool.

4. Shingle Granules Clogging Your Gutters

Granules provide reflectivity to asphalt or composite shingles. They redirect some sunlight to make temperature control easier, reduce electricity usage, and save you money.

Over the first two years of the roof’s life, granule loss might be obvious – but it should end there. If an aging roof sheds enough granules to be seen in the gutter, call a roofer.

5. Birds or Other Critters Living in Your Roof

Pests can live in your roof, including certain kinds of termites and rats.

Roof rats are nocturnal, climbing vermin common to Central Texas. They jump from roof to roof until they find a damaged one, then infiltrate the attic.

Even birds – which are usually more welcome – should be discouraged from nesting on a roof since they can damage shingles.

Round Rock roofing pros can rejuvenate your roof. Contact Longhorn Roofing for assistance.

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