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3 Ways Quality Installation Protects Against Metal Roofing Repair Emergencies

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Metal roofing repair happens – but a well-constructed roof makes it much rarer.

Homeowners with metal roofs should still get them inspected periodically. Still, compared to shingle roofs, a good metal roof stands up to more punishment and lasts longer.

While we recommend getting your shingle roof inspected once a year, you can usually skip a year on your metal roof. Since they are resistant to so many types of damage, they will save you plenty of money on metal roof maintenance in the long run. repairedmetalcred

For example:

  • Metal roofs are effectively fireproof – embers go out soon after hitting the surface
  • Metal roofs are designed to let rain run harmlessly off the surface even in a storm
  • Metal roofs are highly resistant to wind and totally immune to mold and mildew

Still, you can’t get a metal roof from just anyone and hope for the best. That’s because fabrication and installation best practices are key to avoiding metal roofing repair in the future.

Here’s how the right materials and installation makes your roof even stronger:

1. High-Gauge Galvalume Steel Prevents Rust

With high quality steel, you have the opportunity to get a strong roofing material that doesn’t add too much weight to the structure. A roof that’s too heavy can cause problems down the line, even contributing to foundation damage, but that’s not the case with high-gauge steel.

At Longhorn Roofing, we use 24ga. Galvalume steel. Galvalume is a specialty coating that consists of zinc, aluminum, and silicon. It prevents oxidization and stops rust build-up. Without rust, one major source of damage disappears for good. Longhorn also sells painted metal roofs which also have a galvalume base coat and last even longer.

Galvalume offers superior protection compared to regular galvanized steel thanks to its unique chemical composition. Even over a few decades, Galvalume is likely to perform better than alternatives.

2. Standing Seam Roof Design Strengthens Joints

No matter what kind of roofing system you have, the joints between two features are its biggest structural weak point.

A conventional shingle roof can have all kinds of valleys, penetrations, and places where roof slopes meet. To streamline this, metal roofers pioneered the concept of standing seam roofing.

Standing seam roofing eliminates a huge factor in metal roof repair with raised interlocking seams. These seams reinforce and support joints between panels.

That means areas around joints, which would otherwise be some of the weakest parts of the roof, are some of the strongest.3. On-Site Fabrication Improves Water Resistance

If you need metal roofing repair within the first five years of a system’s life, a poor installation is usually the reason why.

The most common problem: Panels are not fastened correctly, allowing moisture infiltration that damages roof decking beneath the metal layer.

Experienced metal roofers like the team at Longhorn customize your roof system by measuring and cutting your roof panels right on site. This ensures an ideal fit between panels and makes fastening mistakes much less likely.

From metal roofing repair to an all-new standing seam metal roof, Longhorn can help. Contact us today to get started.

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