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Metal Roof Repair Austin Trusts

When it comes to metal roof repair Austin trusts, Longhorn Roofing strives to be the best.

Roof Repair

Protect Your Investment With Prompt Roof Repair

You already know that your roof is one of the most important parts of keeping your home comfortable, but it’s also a key element in making sure your h...

Roof Repair

When To Have Roof Flashing Repair Done On Your Home

Here in the Austin area, your roof works hard all year round to protect your home. It stands up against wind, rain, hail – and, of course, the sun.

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How can Foundation Problems Cause Roof Damage?

  A home’s foundation is vital to the strength and stability of the entire structure. 

Roof Repair Austin Roofing Contractors

Seven Signs That It's Time for Roofing Repair

Long before you have standing water in the middle of your bedroom floor, you need to know how to look for important signs that your roof may need to b...

Roofing Austin Roof Repair

Why Regular Roof Repair is One of the Best Investments You Can Make

Have you ever sat down to think about how much it would cost to get your roof replaced?

Roof Repair

Is Your Roof Leaking Around the Vent Pipe?

Your rooftop vent pipes are among the unsung heroes of your home. Many commercial and residential structures throughout Austin sport at least one of t...

Roof Repair

Austin Roof Repair

If you’ve been thinking about getting some winter roof repair done, we have some advice: GO FOR IT! The Longhorn Roofing team is often asked whether o...

Roof Repair

Is Your Roof Leaking Around Your Vent Pipes?

Have you noticed a water stain on your ceiling? One of the most common roof repair situations we see are leaks around vent pipes. Also known as plumbi...

Roof Repair Roof Replacement

Austin Roofing Company: Is It Time to Replace Your Shingle Roof?

Being a homeowner comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and requires you to be vigilant in watching for signs of wear and tear on your home...