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4 Things You Get When You Replace Your Round Rock Roof

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What does it really mean to get a complete roof replacement by Longhorn Roofing?

There’s a lot more to any roof than meets the eye. That’s why most experienced roofing contractors no longer refer just to roofs, but to roofing systems. The roofing system isn’t just the surface layer but everything that strengthens and supports it.

If you’ve decided to replace a roof in Round Rock, you want to be sure you’re truly getting a whole new roof. It’s like the difference between replacing a car’s engine versus slapping on a coat of paint. An old car can look good, but still, be a lemon. So can a roof!

So, what 4 components does a complete Round Rock roof replacement consist of?

1. All-New Shinglesreroofcred

In the past, it was common for roofers to “roof over” existing shingles with new ones. At the time, it was believed that an additional layer of shingles provided more protection. The opposite is true: Both layers are weakened and more prone to moisture penetration.

Roofing over is a fast, but unreliable method that doesn’t fit with a true roof replacement. Shingles should be removed and replaced. Many older roofs will have cracked or peeling shingles. They may not be made from the strongest materials available today, either.

When you’re replacing shingles, consider your options carefully. New Cool Roof shingles can extend the life of your roof and keep your home cooler at the same time, saving you on electricity.

2. All-New Roof Decking, if Needed

The roof decking is the layer that lies between the structural components of the home and the shingles. When homeowners do DIY roofing repairs, they often focus on the shingle layer. Due to harsh weather around Rock Round, though, decking damage accumulates over the years.

During roof replacement, the decking should be stripped bare and given a complete inspection.

Most decking is made from plywood or a composite with similar properties, so it has a limited service life. Rainwater pooling around the decking can cause it to rot. It can also warp thanks to temperature changes over time or cracks because of pressures like snow melt.

Any old roofing nails should be pulled out while roof decking is under inspection. Your roofer should closely examine all decking surfaces for mold, which can point to a more serious structural issue.

3. New Waterproof Underlayment

Underlayment is the waterproof membrane sitting right on the roof deck. Most Round Rock homes have an older form of asphalt-saturated felt. This was widely used until the early 2000s. These days, several synthetic alternatives work even better. However, it isn’t always necessary to spend extra on premium underlayment – your local roofer can advise you.

4. New Flashing, if Needed

Joints are structural weak points on any roof system. For a conventional shingle roof, flashing is there to protect these areas. Your roofer should examine all pieces of flashing as well as vent pipes, chimneys, and anything else that protrudes from the roof.

To get started on complete Round Rock roof replacement, contact Longhorn Roofing.

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