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Flat Roof in Round Rock? 6 Roof Repair Issues to Watch Out For

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Does your Round Rock home have a flat roof?

If so, you may need to be more attentive to roof maintenance than other homeowners.

In Round Rock, most homes with shingle roofs have a significant pitch that defines the roof shape. However, some older buildings have flat gravel, PVC, or rubber membrane roofs. These can develop a number of maintenance issues not as common with other roofs.

Here’s what to look out for:

1. Ponding Water

Flat roofs usually have some slope to allow for water drainage. Still, drainage can be compromised more easily. Ponding is most common in the winter, when ice dams can block drainage from snow melt. Ponding can cause leaks and encourage the growth of algae. pondingcred

2. Drainage Issues

A common theme with flat roofs is drainage. In addition to keeping an eye out during snow and rain, be careful to maintain your gutters. A stopped up gutter can become crooked or leaky. Water may drain into the foot of the building and eventually affect the foundation.

3. “Alligatoring”

No, there’s no giant reptile lurking on your roof: Alligatoring is the cracking and bubbling that can take place on a flat roof, since it resembles a gator’s scaly hide. Alligatoring is caused by exposure to the harsh Texas sun. Cracks and leaks can appear if it’s not treated.

4. Wind Damage

Shingle roofs have more defense against wind damage than flat roofs do since flat roofs are all one piece of material. On the other hand, it usually takes several lost shingles before you’re at significant risk of leaks. Always check on your roof after a wind storm.

5. Buckling

Buckling is a problem with the waterproof membrane that lies between the outer layer of the roofing system and the home’s structural elements. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to buckling than others, but it should be taken seriously, as it may point to foundation issues.

A New Metal Roof Means Less Worry About Roof Maintenance in Round Rock

If you’re tired of roof repair and maintenance woes from a flat roof, consider a new residential metal roof using standing seam technology.

Modern metal roofs resist rain, wind, snow, and fire. They are practically immune to moss, mold, or algae and they are designed to drain efficiently.

A metal roof is an investment, but it’s one that will save in the long run – not only on roof repair, but on energy bills, too. By reflecting solar radiation away from your home, it ensures your air conditioner maintains the temperature you want with less effort.

Clients switching from a flat roof find a standing seam metal roof is a pleasure to own!

To find out more, contact Longhorn Roofing.

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