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Metal Roofing Repair in Round Rock: A Step-by-Step Look

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Here in Round Rock, you don’t want to be caught with an unreliable roof.

As a rule, metal roofs are a lot more durable than shingle ones. Even so, though, you’ll probably find yourself in need of metal roofing repair every now and then.

It’s usually okay to have your metal roof inspected for problems every 2-3 years, compared to every year for shingle roofs. After a major storm, though, the timetable changes.

If an inspection reveals any weakened areas, then it’s time to go on to a full cycle of repair and maintenance. Metal roofs can stand up to a whole lot of pounding, but once the damage is there, the structure is vulnerable. Fixing it as soon as possible is imperative.lonestarcredit

You might wonder, what does a standard metal roofing repair project look like?

It usually consists of these steps:

Visual Inspection of the Roof

Homeowners should do a quick inspection from ground level after every major rainstorm, snow, hail, or windstorm. If you suspect a problem, your Round Rock roofer will follow up to check on it.

Removing Rust Patches

Next-generation metal roofing is highly resistant to rust, but it can still happen. Minor bouts of rust can be removed through sanding or grinding. Rust inhibitor is applied before re-coating.

Reviewing Fasteners and Flashing

No matter what type of roof system a home has, fasteners and flashings represent weak points that can buckle under sustained pressures. Concealed fastener systems are the strongest, and a standing seam metal roof will hold up better than those with lots of exposed components.

Flashing is material that covers and strengthens a joint to protect it from water penetration. While flashing on a metal roof is tougher than that in a shingle roof, you’ll still find flashing around chimneys, vent pipes, and some other locations. They should be examined closely for defects.

Pinpointing and Controlling Leaks

In metal roofing, most leaks can be repaired by using a new patch of metal that matches the rest of the roof in terms of material and gauge. Metal fiber membrane is sometimes used, too. For a sturdy metal roofing repair, the new patch must be screwed tightly against the roof panel. Roofers with less experience often make the mistake of screwing patches into rafters or trusses.

Sectional Replacement

Under intense pressures, an entire section of metal roofing can be damaged. The affected panel should be replaced. It’s vital to completely inspect the underlying rafters and insulation. Pinpoint and deal with water infiltration before repairs are completed or it could result in mold or mildew.

Homeowners can effectively clean their own metal roofs. With the right know-how, they might also be tempted to perform rust removal themselves. In general, though, we recommend calling a Round Rock roofing team you can trust. Not only will you get top quality results, you can also rest-assured that nothing you do will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on your roofing.

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