on August 09, 2018 Roof Repair

Protect Your Investment With Prompt Roof Repair

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You already know that your roof is one of the most important parts of keeping your home comfortable, but it’s also a key element in making sure your house is safe, stable, and secure.

Many homeowners don’t realize that damage to the roof doesn’t just affect the roof.

Yes, of course, there’s the inconvenience of dealing with leaks – and that can cause mold and mildew, certain forms of which can even be fatal. Any type of mildew or mold can cause major respiratory issues, and even a small leak gives them the opportunity to thrive.

As serious as that is, however, it’s not quite the whole story.

Prompt Roof Repair is Essential to Protect Your Whole Home

Roof damage has a profound effect on the walls of your home, especially when it leads to heavy loads – such as snow or even heavy rain – being unevenly distributed across the roof’s surface.

The structural integrity of any building relies on its walls and roof working together. In effect, a damaged roof means the walls have to bear even more weight. This can result in a number of significant issues throughout your home.

Without roof repair, you could find yourself facing:

  • Warping and other problems with roof flashing, causing leaks and damage to roof joints.
  • Accelerated warping and potential cracks up and down your walls, especially in corners.
  • Ultimately, the possibility of damage that will undermine or compromise the foundation.

A foundation can be damaged by overall warping or by rain and snow that fails to run off the roof properly, causing it to seep into the ground too close to the foot of the building. Naturally, any noticeable damage to the surface of the roof will affect its grading and performance.

For all these reasons and more, it’s essential to get roof repair done as soon as possible when you notice a problem. Performing visual inspections a few times a year will help you keep abreast of any developing issues. A professional inspection once every two years is wise.

If you’re in a major Austin storm where there’s heavy debris and known damage to the property, you should call an Austin roofing expert right away. The faster roof repair is done, the better.

There’s another good reason to invest in roof repair, and that’s the future salability of your home.

More home buyers in the Austin area and elsewhere are demanding complete home inspections before they consider buying any property. Most buyers simply will not be interested in a home where there’s known roof damage, because of the serious repercussions involved.

Roof Damage? Call Austin’s Top Roof Repair Experts at Longhorn Roofing

Luckily, roof damage does not have to be a major problem that leaves lasting scars on your home. When roof repair is handled promptly by experts, it can be a quick and cost-effective undertaking – and handling it now might save you thousands later.

To find out more or get started with a written estimate, contact Longhorn Roofing today.