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Roof Flashing Repair Any Time of Year

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Every homeowner has a roof, but not everyone knows the important facts about flashing.

If you’re asking, “Flashing? What’s that?” you’re not alone. In many cases, homeowners find out about flashing in the worst way possible: When their roof springs a leak!

With sun, rain and wind to contend with, Round Rock roofs do a lot of work. But all the safety and comfort your roof provides is dependent on flashing, which is relatively fragile.

Our Round Rock customers have been asking a lot of questions about roof flashing repair lately. For the benefit of Round Rock locals and others in the Austin area, here are the answers:

What is Roof Flashing?FlashingRcredit

Roof flashings are fitted to ensure your roof is watertight. They’re crucial to any area of the roof where the surface meets a wall – either sidewalls or front ones. It’s also necessary around your chimney, roof protrusions, roof edges, and low points where roof slopes come together.

Is Roof Flashing Necessary on a Roof?

In a word: Yes. Roof flashing is critical to preventing nasty roof leaks. When roof flashing wears out or becomes warped, you end up with leaks. Roof flashing is applied to virtually all residential, commercial, and industrial structures in Round Rock and elsewhere.

How Much Does Roof Flashing Repair Cost?

How much your roof flashing repair costs depends on the specifics of your roof, including its size, materials, and the level of damage. That said, roof flashing repair is relatively inexpensive when compared to other roofing projects. And it’s much less costly than replacing a roof!

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Flashing Repair?

The best way to keep your flashing in good repair is to have your roof inspected by professionals every year. You should also conduct your own visual inspection of the roof after any big storm. It’s always best to repair roof flashing while damage is superficial – before a leak breaks out.

Should I Paint My Roof Flashing?

Generally, yes! Any roof flashing made from a material that could rust – including galvanized steel and tin-coated steel – should be painted. Rust-proof materials generally should not be painted, but there are certain exceptions. Ask your favorite Austin roofer for more details.

Why Do Roofers Like to Avoid Aluminum Flashing?

Aluminum flashing can be fine for Round Rock homes, with a caveat: You should never use aluminum flashing material if it’s going to be in direct contact with brick or stone mortar. Due to an unavoidable chemical reaction, this causes the flashing to corrode.

So, Why the Heck Does Flashing Leak So Much?

The truth is, flashing doesn’t really leak all that often. By and large, though, it’s the part of the roof most likely to leak. That’s partially because it’s the most complex part of the roof. Flashings require a lot of technical expertise to install correctly – they’re the weak link in the chain.

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