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Austin Roofing Company: Is It Time to Replace Your Shingle Roof?

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Being a homeowner comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and requires you to be vigilant in watching for signs of wear and tear on your home. When it comes to your roof, you need to pay special attention to its condition so that you know when it is time to repair or replace it. Most people just wait until their roof starts to leak before they replace it. This is a mistake. So, how can you tell when you should replace your roof and call an Austin roofing company?

Below are six warning signs to watch for.

6 Signs You Need a New Roof

  1. The Shingles are Buckling and Curling – Once you start to notice that your shingles are curling up, it's a sign that it’s time for a new roof. Heat is a leading cause of buckling and curling. Buckling is a common problem seen by Austin roofers due to the intense direct sunlight on rooftops during summer months.
  2. Missing Shingles – Of course, the most obvious sign that your roof is in need of replacing is if there are missing shingles. If the roof is fairly new and you are only missing one or two, that certainly is no reason to replace the entire roof. However, as your roof ages and begins to shed its shingles, it is a clear cut sign of an aged roof and may be time to call in the roofers for an expert opinion.
  3. Low spots in your Roof – Take the time to examine whether there are valleys in your roof. Low spots are an unhealthy sign that can lead to further damage. When it rains, water collects, or pools, in the low spots of a roof. If left unfixed, these types of defects will lead to leaks, which can translate into a slew of other problems -- like mold.
  4. Your Roof is Shedding – If you start to notice granules or pieces of your roof and shingles appearing in your gutters, it’s a sign that your roof is in trouble. When you go to do routine cleanings of your gutters, be sure to keep an eye out for any pieces of the roof being shed. Also, look for patches of the roof that are different colors. This is another common problem that we see -- and is typically a sign of a roof that's past its prime.
  5. You See Sunlight – If you can see light coming through the roof boards, it means it is time to call a trusted Austin roofing company. Check your attic once every few months, or after a bout of extreme weather, for signs of sunlight poking through holes in your roof -- or through the roof boards.
  6. The Age – As you probably already know, most roofs have a fairly set life expectancy. Austin, experiences quite a range of hot and cold weather throughout the year, and causes a roof to expand and contract frequently throughout its lifetime. Most experts agree that the average lifespan of a roof is 20-25 years. If it has been that long -- or longer -- since your roof has been replaced, it is time that you look into doing so.

When it comes to replacing your roof, you shouldn't just randomly choose any Austin roofing company. You want one that you can rely on to provide honest service and a great final product. Longhorn Roofing has been serving Central Texas since 1985. 

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