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The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

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Looking for trusted metal roof installers in the Austin area? Throughout Central Texas, metal roofing has grown in popularity. As one of the area’s top metal roof installers, the team at Longhorn Roofing helps hundreds of homeowners each year install great new metal roofs.

If you haven’t thought about metal roofing yet, now’s the time to give it a look!

When installed by true local experts, metal residential roofing offers performance benefits that standard shingle roofing can’t beat. The advantages are especially noticeable around here, where roof life can be impacted by harsh weather and temperatures.

The Biggest Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

PRO: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the most exciting benefit for most homeowners. A well-constructed metal roof can reflect about 50% of solar radiation away from your home. This keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and means your air conditioning runs much less.

PRO: Resistance to Fire, Wind, and Rain

Your metal roof is truly fireproof: Wandering embers go out on contact. It’s also much more resilient against wind than the average shingle roof, which is bound to lose shingles along the way. Rain still poses some risks, but it runs right off the surface and never pools.

PRO: Long-Lasting Life for Your Roof

Although roof manufacturers make big claims about longevity, the weather in Central Texas takes years off a shingle roof’s life. Such a roof doesn’t usually last 20 years, whereas a metal roof can last up to 50 years or more. Very few problems can cause a metal roof to fail!

PRO: Reduced Roof Maintenance

It’s a good idea to get your roof inspected at least once a year and after any major storms. Still, you’ll usually find your metal roof shrugs off the weather. Metal roofs don’t weather or fade like shingles and if any part of the roof is damaged, the affected panel can be replaced quickly.

PRO: Less Weight on Your Structure

The health of your foundation depends on your roof. The less weight your roofing material places on the structure, the longer it will last, and the easier it is to avoid foundation cracks and other costly problems.

PRO: Potential for Lower Insurance Costs

Because your whole home will face less risk from weather, some insurers will allow you to reduce your homeowner’s policy payment. Just provide them with documentation showing you have a new metal roof.

CON: The Roof “Sounds” Different

New metal roof owners report rain sounds different on their metal roof than on their old shingle one. It’s not louder – the new sound just takes a little getting used to.

CON: Beware of Mid-Day Glare

Because the metal surface of your roof is reflective, it can throw off glare at mid-day. That said, the angle of your roof helps keep glare from bothering you or your neighbors.

For personalized advice, call the top roof installers around: Longhorn Roofing of Austin, TX.

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