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5 Signs of a Round Rock Roofing Scam

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In a recent news report out of Abilene, roofing customers got a rude awakening.

In the report by KRBC, experts cautioned about the growing epidemic of roofing fraud. Roofing fraud is a concern after every storm season, since unscrupulous characters prey on people who are worried about worsening home damage while they wait for a contractor.

The Texas House of Representatives has considered a bill that would criminalize roofing repair without a license. However, even these new rules would not necessarily stop all abuses. Round Rock roofing consumers need to be careful.treeonroofcredit

Be alert to these signs of contractor fraud in Round Rock roofing:

1. The Contractor Comes to Your Door or Gives You a Call

In general, established companies have a book of clients and don’t need to go door to door for your business. In fact, this is usually a sign of a scam artist who is trying to get you to agree to something and turn over money right away. Some legitimate businesses may call homeowners in an area after a storm, but you should be wary of this as well.

2. The Contractor Asks You to Pay in Advance

Paying in advance is a huge red flag, since it allows the alleged contractor to run off with your money without performing any work at all. This is especially true if they ask for payment in cash. Remember, a legitimate contractor will be able to work with you on insurance claims, and you do not pay 100% of your project costs upfront if you have an active claim.

3. The Contractor Asks for Payment in an Unusual Form

You should expect to pay a Round Rock roofing contractor by credit card or check just like you would with any other established business. Scammers often ask their victims to wire funds to an account or use a prepaid card because these methods of payment are hard to track. On the other hand, a credit card or check payment can be more easily disputed after the fact.

4. The Contractor Won’t Provide Information in Writing

At Longhorn Roofing, we provide a complete project estimate in writing every time. This gives you the information you need to make an informed decision, including a point by point breakdown of your costs. You’ll also know exactly when you can expect the job to be done. Scammers won’t provide you with this info since they don’t plan to do any work in the first place.

5. The Contractor Doesn’t Have a Website

Let’s face it: Anyone who is serious about having a business these days has a website. That’s true of both local businesses and those who operate nationwide. The vast majority of customers come to a buying decision by looking at websites and online reviews. If a so-called contractor doesn’t have one, they may be overstating or falsifying their credentials.

For any Round Rock roofing job, start with a brand you can trust. To talk to local experts, contact Longhorn Roofing today.

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