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When To Have Roof Flashing Repair Done On Your Home

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Here in the Austin area, your roof works hard all year round to protect your home. It stands up against wind, rain, hail – and, of course, the sun.

As strong as your roof is, though, there are some structural weak points that will always be at greater risk than others. One of these is the flashing on your roof.

Roof flashing is the material that covers the joints in your roof. Naturally, joints are always going to be more prone to wear and damage than other areas. That’s why an extra layer of either galvanized steel or aluminum is used to support and cover them.

If you happen to have a standing seam metal roof like the type we install at Longhorn Roofing, then you’re in luck: These roofs are designed to minimize the wear and tear that joints might sustain. That makes roof flashing repair a lot less frequent. Flashingrepair.credit

Most conventional shingle roofs will require roof flashing repair every now and then. And here in Austin, it’s especially important to make sure your flashing is kept in peak condition.

Once flashing is damaged, any additional pressure placed on it will not only harm it further, but often cause problems with the rest of the roof. Roof flashing repair is simple, inexpensive, and will keep you from dealing with much more serious issues.

So, when is roof flashing repair necessary?

Contact an Austin roofer if you find yourself in any of these situations:

You Notice Flashing Damage in a Visual Inspection

Since flashing is located near the edges and joints of the roof, it’s often easy to spot superficial damage from the ground. Of course, if you feel comfortable going up on the roof and know how to do so safely, a quick once-over twice a year will help you catch on to any problems.

You Have a Major Wind, Rain, or Hailstorm

Flashing damage is most likely to occur during a serious storm. What’s more, it may not be safe for you to go on the roof if a storm has compromised it. If there’s a big storm and you find leaks or other evidence of damage, call your favorite Austin roofer right away.

Your Roof Takes an Impact

A direct hit from storm debris, such as a tree branch, will devastate your flashing. Roof flashing repair may be necessary even if there’s no sign of problems with the rest of the roof. If you’ve heard your roof take a blow, call a professional Austin roofer even if everything seems okay.

You Had Lingering Snow Accumulation

Winter ice storms can lead to damaged flashing that wreaks all kind of havoc on your roof. Your roof flashing may buckle due to fast-changing temperatures.

At Longhorn Roofing, we provide the highest quality of service to residential and commercial roofing customers in Austin. Contact us today to get started.

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