on August 04, 2023

4 Benefits to a Metal Roof in Austin

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Metal roofing is more popular than ever. While shingle roofs are still the most common roof in Austin, homeowners are learning about the unbeatable benefits of metal roofs. A metal roof doesn’t just look different – it has performance qualities no other roof can match.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways Austin metal roofing beats the competition:

1. Energy Savings, Especially in Summer

The hotter it gets, the more your air conditioning needs to work. Nobody can turn down the sun (as much as we’d like to!) but you can get a roof that stands up to it. Austin metal roofing deflects about 50% of solar radiation. That’s never absorbed by your home, so your air conditioner won’t be on nearly as much. At the same time, heat escapes from your attic and roof more easily, so you also stay warmer in the winter.

2. Easier and Less Expensive Maintenance

With an Austin shingle roof, it’s best to get a professional roof inspection every year. This helps you get roof repairs or replacement before storm season. When it comes to metal roofing Austin residents can usually perform inspections every other year without issue. That cuts down on inspection costs by about half, a difference of thousands over the roof’s lifetime – and metal roof repair can be faster and cheaper, too.

3. Impervious to Just About Everything

Standing seam metal roofing like the kind we use at Longhorn Roofing will stand up to just about anything. It is designed so water, hail, sleet, and snow run right off, easily resists wind, and is all but immune to mold, mildew, and even many pests. You’ll rest easier during fire season knowing that if a spark hits your metal roof, it will just go out. When they switch to metal roofing Austin homeowners feel safer and save more money.

4. Longer Lifespan for Your Roof

A roof’s age is turning into a big issue in many places throughout the country, as insurers search for reasons to pull homeowners’ policies – and often look at a roof older than 10 years as their excuse. While shingle roofs generally need replacement before they reach 20 years, a metal roof can perform for 30 or even 50 years. When it’s finally time to replace a metal roof, it can be recycled with nearly zero environmental impact.

Contact us to get metal roofing Austin homeowners can enjoy for years to come!

Image Credit: bilanol