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Hail Damage Roofer

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Even light hail can put a serious hurt on a shingle roof here in Texas!

Hail easily skips off metal roofing, making major storm damage much less likely. Even a direct hail impact may leave only superficial marks. But small hailstones can wreak havoc on shingle roofs, especially if the roofing system is already showing its age. In some cases, hail can even prompt a full roof replacement.

The “Double Whammy” of Hail Damage on Older Shingle Roofs

Just how old is an “old roof” in Austin, TX?

Many roofing manufacturers will gladly claim that their shingle roofs last for 20 years or more. hail damage rooferHowever, this does not take into account the sometimes harsh weather here in Central Texas, including hail damage. Roofs can be aged prematurely by high heat, rain, wind, snow, and much more.

Hail is a big factor in roof deterioration for two reasons:

  • A direct hit from a hailstone can crack a shingle or leave a large dent in it, rendering it useless. Smaller hailstones may not leave visible damage, but can cause moisture intrusion in the roof.

Hail damage also leaves compromised shingles weak and vulnerable to wind, rain, and other complications that can easily develop at the same time. If you have visible hail damage after a storm, it’s important to talk to your local Austin, TX roofers so the problem can be solved as soon as possible.

How to Repair Hail Damage and Protect Your Roof from Further Trouble

How to fix hail damage depends on the type of roof and the extent of the problem. In the rare cases when hail dents a metal roof, the affected panel can be replaced. Standing seam metal roofing protects the vulnerable joints and fasteners of the roof, limiting the ability of any impact to affect the roofing system.

For a shingle roof, hail damage requires a comprehensive approach. Cracked, bent, and lost shingles should be replaced right away so damage isn’t compounded by other weather events. Gutters and flashing may also need to be replaced. The underlying waterproof membrane should be checked for water damage.

Luckily, hail damage leaves telltale signs that are easy to spot once the weather clears. The characteristic round indentation pattern is the most obvious – but any new cracks and dents you spot from ground level require a roofer’s attention. For an expert, local hail damage roofer you can trust, contact Longhorn Roofing today.

hail damage roofer