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Got Hail Damage in Austin?

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When it comes to hail damage, Austin homeowners are no strangers to rough weather. Hail damage in Austin can do significant harm to roofs. A hailstone doesn’t need to be big to make a mighty impact.

On the contrary – sometimes, the smaller hailstones actually do the worst hail damage in Austin!

That’s because while larger stones are prone to bounce off the roof and land on the ground, small ones can end up getting caught up against your shingles. As the temperature rises and they melt away, the water can infiltrate between the shingles and wreak real havoc.

This may not harm your roof right away, but it leaves weak spots that are more prone to serious issues in the future. Over the course of a busy hail season in Austin, you could end up with numerous spots on your roof ready to leak the first time they get hit with hard rain.

How to Know When You’ve Got Hail Damage Austin Locals Should Worry About

To stop hail damage Austin homeowners should contact a roofing professional right away.

Unfortunately, it is not always obvious when you have a problem. Sometimes, a major hail event can leave your roof unscathed. Other times, it might seem it was hailing for only a few minutes, but you need immediate roof repair. There’s no way of knowing in advance what will happen.

You Should Check Your Roof for Telltale Signs of Hail Damage After Every Storm

1. For Shingle Roofs:

Hail damage on shingle roofs usually pops up in two different forms. First, there’s bruising. These are dark spots that indicate a place where hail struck the roof. Just like with fruit, these bruises are soft. They may or may not take on a characteristic round pattern (rounder marks mean a heavier hit.)

Cracks can appear in roofs that have taken a lighter hit from hail. A cracked shingle is usually missing some of the reflective granules that help it manage solar heat, and it should be replaced right away.

2. For Metal Roofs:

Metal roofs can also acquire the standard round dent from hail. However, you don’t always need to repair a metal roof in Austin after a storm. These dents may be unsightly, but they usually have no impact on the roof’s performance – no pun intended. They are purely aesthetic.

Contact Longhorn Roofing for help with hail damage in Austin.