on April 12, 2021 Central Texas Roofing

High Demand, Low Supply for the Texas Roofing Industry

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As we've seen in recent news reports, roofers all around Texas have their work cut out for them as we enter storm season. But this year, those same roofers face a big economic and logistical squeeze just when they’re needed most.

This season, a “perfect storm” of issues beyond anyone’s control might influence your roofing project:

  • -Supply chain disruption means shingle manufacturers are charging more for fewer optionstwo shingle roofs in Austin TX portraying the roofing supply shortage
  • -Many roofers have fewer personnel to call on due to vaccination delays and other concerns
  • -As severe weather rolls in, there could be more projects than there are materials or roofers

The Texas Roofing Material Shortages are Being Felt Here in Austin

It all comes down to supply and demand.

Roofers are seeing consistent, urgent demand combined with ever-dwindling supply of the materials and staff needed. In Texas, recent weather events have piled on top of these factors to create a local emergency. Hail, tornadoes, and more mean thousands of Texas homeowners need help as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the weather here in Central Texas has not been as fierce.

That said, sudden and unexpected changes by roofing manufacturers, including top shingle brands, are putting significant pressures on roofers all over the state. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get your roof fixed in Austin, but you should take a few precautions to help your local roofer serve you better.

Until things normalize, that means:

1. Contact Your Local Austin Roofing Company as Soon as You Notice a Problem

The sooner you get in touch with your roofing team, the easier it is for them to get you on the schedule. That means call your roofer first, even before you reach out you to your insurance company, so you have an estimate of when help will arrive.

2. Be Prepared for a Limited Selection of Roofing Products

Many manufacturers are limiting the color selection available for their products. This is most noticeable for shingle roofs, where custom colors are backlogged for weeks or even months compared to black and gray. Metal roofing is less affected.

3. Be Alert to Roofing Scams

Whenever people are in need, you can be sure fake roofers are on the prowl. Never trust any so-called roofing contractor who goes door to door soliciting work, promises to get you more money from your insurance, or offers to do a transaction in cash.

For the help you need, contact Longhorn Roofing today. We have relationships with some of the top roofing manufacturers in the industry and will do our best to get you the supplies that you need when you need them. We offer complimentary estimates -- you can schedule one with us by clicking on the link below.