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Roofing Contractor Austin - Storm Damage Repair

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When you’re looking for a roofing contractor Austin trusts for storm repair, it’s essential to make the right pick.

A storm situation is stressful for everyone, roofing contractors tend to be slammed with big projects, and a lot of unscrupulous characters come out of the woodwork.

What kind of questions should you ask a roofing contractor Austin uses for storm damage?

In addition to the questions you’d usually ask, keep these important points in mind:

Ensure You’re Dealing With a Local Businessstormdamagecredit

This is especially vital for storm contractors for two reasons:

  • Some legitimate firms “chase” storms across the country and might not be local.
  • Unlicensed contractors turn up during storm season – and it may not be obvious.

If a business isn’t local, the odds that it can stand by its work in the future are slim to none. You want to work with people who can offer you a firm guarantee and assure you of quality, and that means they need to be there if you need them in the future.

Be Wary of Door-Knockers

A so-called roofing contractor comes to your door and offers a free inspection.

What do you do?

While not all door-knockers are illegitimate, most illegitimate contractors are door-knockers. That is, they proactively approach your home soon after a storm and offer to check for damage.

Homeowners are easily taken in by this, especially if they already suspect a problem that needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, this is only one part of a quick con – and your “roofer” might be up there doing damage to your property without your knowledge.

Heck, even walking on a roof the wrong way can damage it!

Don’t Sign Anything

Never sign anything you get from a door-knocker.

A shady contractor will often try to shove something under your nose for immediate signature. They’ll tell you that it's an insurance commitment form – that is, a guarantee that you’ll use their firm if your insurance company gives the go-ahead to cover the repair cost.

In many cases, what you’re actually looking at isn’t just an insurance commitment, but a contract. When someone shows up to supposedly fix your roof, it’ll be a different guy from the first one, and they’ll try to browbeat you into honoring that “contract.”

Get an Inspection from a Brand You Trust

When all is said and done, anyone can claim your roof is damaged. Con artists will be hoping that, by stating that damage is present, they’ll be able to convince an insurance adjuster to OK a job. Still, you should always think twice and never give in to the temptation to rush your repairs.

A roofing contractor Austin residents can rely on will always provide you a complete written estimate and a statement of work telling you exactly what will happen during the project. Getting it all in writing is the best way to protect your interests, so expect it from your contractors.

Don’t wait for door-knockers: Call Longhorn Roofing today.

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