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Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof

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Here in the Austin area, storm damage is one of the biggest factors that can age your roof before its time. The average shingle roof lasts only about 20 years around Austin due in large part to a risk of heavy storms. You just never know when Austin weather will turn!

Luckily, Austin roof repair can set things right again.

It’s wise to check for roof damage after any storm. Homeowners should wait until conditions are safe, then perform a visual inspection of the roof from ground level. If you can’t get a good view, use a pair of binoculars. Never climb up on the roof yourself!

The Most Common Signs of Storm Damage in Austin

Check your roof from all sides – storm damage can be where you least expect it.

What are the biggest signs of storm damage in Austin and what do they mean?

Look out for these storm damage symptoms:

1. Wind Damage

The most obvious sign of storm damage related to wind is missing shingles, which you’ll often find in the yard not far away. A more subtle sign comes from thin horizontal lines where the reflective granules on the shingle are missing, usually about 1-2 inches beneath the next shingle up. This can mean the shingle seal broke during the storm and the damaged shingle was flapping in the wind.

2. Hail Damage

While big hailstones are rare, some Austin neighborhoods have endured storm damage from record-breaking hail events. In addition to the characteristic round indentations on shingles, check for granule loss and smaller round divots that appear on shingles’ edges. Inspect the end of your downspout for a large pile of granules: This indicates hail hits that may have weakened shingles even where no damage is visible.

3. Falling Storm Debris

It’s always prudent to trim overhanging trees away from your roof before a windstorm arrives. Some of the most extensive storm damage is caused by debris propelled by high winds. This can be anything from a tree branch to lawn furniture. On top of missing and cracked shingles, be alert to bent or fallen gutters. Gutter damage causes rainwater to drain toward the foot of your home, threatening the foundation. 

Fixing storm damage fast is essential to your roof’s health. For quality and service you can rely on – and real help with your storm damage insurance claim – contact Longhorn Roofing.

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