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Top Six Ways to Weatherproof Your Georgetown Roof

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One of the most important ways to extend the life of your Georgetown roof is to weatherproof it! When it comes to keeping your roof in good shape, there are some matters that you can take into your own hands.

Any Georgetown or Austin roof can benefit from weatherproofing -- a variety of techniques can strengthen your roof’s resilience against wind, rain, hail, and more. The right weatherproofing methods can help you to prevent leaks and might even keep an aging roof in service longer before having to be replaced.Weatherproof

In Georgetown, you’re subject to all the tough weather that can prematurely age an Austin-area roof. Even though roofing manufacturers are quick to quote a 30-year lifespan for their products, most shingle roofs in Central Texas will last closer to 20 years. Every month of extra value you can get from your roof really counts.

While it’s never a good idea for homeowners to get up on the roof, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your weatherproofing while minimizing risk. If you partner with a team of Austin roof experts, you have even more options – and the more you do, the better off your roof will be.

What are the top 6 ways to weatherproof your Georgetown roof?

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

It’s easy to overlook keeping gutters clean, but it’s one of the most valuable things you can do to weatherproof your roof. Clean out clutters at least twice a year, before heavy summer and winter weather set in. A crowded gutter may lead to damming, and the extra weight of water on the roof causes damage quickly.

2. Prune Trees Away from Your Roof

In addition to dropping leaves and other debris (in your freshly cleaned gutters!), tree branches can easily turn into projectiles in a Central Texas storm. A direct collision with your roof is likely to damage several shingles, and all of them will need to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, branches should never overhang your roof.

3. Check for Shingle Damage After Every Storm

After inclement weather passes, take the time to go outside and give your roof a look from ground level. Check from all sides, using a pair of binoculars if you need a better view. Cracked, curled, and missing shingles should all be replaced as soon as possible. Each one represents a weak point that water can easily penetrate.

4. Insulate and Ventilate Your Attic

Improper attic ventilation can cause heat to become trapped in your home. In the high heat of summer, this can bake your shingles from below. Remove any items you might be storing in the attic and inspect the insulation. Replacing it weatherproofs your roof and helps you save money on both heating and cooling.

5. Cover Seams with Seam Tape

Seam tape is especially helpful if you have concrete roofing. It peels and sticks to the roof exterior to seal moisture out. Some seam tape is optimized to work with other materials, including metal, wood, and even fiberglass. However, you should consult with your Austin roof pro before you decide to use it.

6. Use Heat Tape During Winter

Heat tape is specially formulated to keep your roof and gutters warm when the weather is chilly. This combats the formation of ice and makes ice dams much less likely. Since standing seam metal roofing is designed to prevent ice dams, this extra step usually isn’t necessary if you have metal roofing in Georgetown.

These tips can get you a long way, but don’t go it alone. A trusted Georgetown roofer can help you weatherproof by selecting the most powerful, yet cost-effective options for you. Contact us for expert advice.

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