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4 Signs That You Need a Residential Roofer in Georgetown, Texas

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Time to call a roofer in Georgetown, Texas?

In 2019, Georgetown was recognized as the 7th fastest growing city in the United States. Georgetown, Texas is a city on the grow! In May of 2019, it was rated as the 7th fastest growing city in the United States. It’s home to the oldest university in Texas -- Southwestern University -- which was formed from four existing colleges all the way in 1875.No surprise, then, that more homeowners are in search of a roofer Georgetown TX really trusts.

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your roof in good condition. That’s vital around the Georgetown area, where high heat and harsh weather often take years off a roof’s life.

What are 4 telltale roofing signs to look for?GeorgetownHouses

1. Roof Leaks

Naturally, you should call a Georgetown roofer as soon as you notice any roof leak. Even a small leak has the potential to grow – it could get bigger, literally overnight. On top of that, the extent of water damage caused by a leak isn’t always obvious -- you can't base it only on what you're able to see. Immediate roof repair is essential.

2. Weak, Soft Shingles

It’s no mistake that Georgetown is the site of “Sun City” – it gets hot! Cracked shingles lose some of their ability to protect your roof from wind and rain, and curled shingles expose the vulnerable underlayment beneath. Also, remember to look for bent or missing metallic flashing around a chimney, vent pipes, and other protrusions. Without sound flashing, these areas can leak pretty easily in bad weather.

Unfortunately, this means your shingle roofs can get worn down before their time. if your attic doesn’t have sufficient ventilation, trapped heat can create an oven-like effect and bake shingles from below.

These shingles don’t change in appearance, but they are actually weak and soft. There’s no telltale sign like cracking, bruising, or discoloration that you’d be able to see. Instead, they simply fail when it rains.

Unfortunately, these leaks spread fast and will often devastate a roof after just a little bit of sustained rain. Often, there’s no other choice than to completely replace the roof. The best way to make sure this won’t happen to you is to schedule an annual roof inspection with your friendly Georgetown roofer.

A shingle roof should be inspected once a year, ideally before storm season. This gives you time to get any repairs or updates done before rough weather rolls your way.

3. Annual Roof Inspection Time

A Georgetown roof inspection should be performed annually for shingle roofs. The best time to get it done is before summer rolls in, defending your home against storms. If you have residential metal roofing in Georgetown, you can schedule inspections every other year.

4. Troubles Heating or Cooling

No matter the time of year, you might notice your HVAC system running more than it should. If nothing wrong is found with the system itself, your attic and roof may need updating to improve the circulation of warm air throughout your home. A stifling hot or damp attic is a telltale sign of circulation issues.

Consider Residential Metal Roofing

For the best Georgetown roofing experience, consider a residential metal roof.

Today’s metal roofs are a far cry from the barn and grain silo roofs of old. Not only are they stylish, but they have amazing performance qualities no other Georgetown roof can match:

  • -They reflect about 50% of solar radiation, helping you reduce your cooling bill
  • -They are highly resistant to wind, rain, mold, mildew, and fire (and don’t attract lightning!)
  • -They require inspections less often than shingle roofs and can last 40 years or more.

Contact Longhorn Roofing to learn more or get started.

Choosing a Roofer Georgetown TX Can Rely On

When selecting a roofer, look for these traits:

  • -Plenty of experience: It takes many years to master every aspect of roofing
  • -Terrific customer reviews on platforms like Yelp and an “A+” BBB rating
  • -A written estimate covering all parts of your Georgetown roofing project
  • -A locally owned business that cares about local reputation and giving you quality service

Choose the roofer Georgetown TX raves about -- contact Longhorn Roofing by clicking on the green box below and filling out a form.

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