on April 13, 2018 Metal Roofing Contractor

The Difference Between Screw-Down and Standing-Seam Metal Roofing

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As metal roofing becomes more popular, the Longhorn Roofing tea is often asked what the difference is between screw-down and standing-seam metal roofing.

We’re confident that most people will see the advantages of deciding on a particular type of metal roofing for their home when they have all the facts.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions on metal roofing types.

What is Screw-Down Metal Roofing?

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Screw-down roofing is an old-fashioned roof type that was common when metal roofs first became popular.

Screw-down roofing is also known as “exposed fastener” or “through-fastened” because, to make a long story short, it uses screws to affix common, hardware store-grade metal to the roof. The fasteners have a neoprene washers that are the only thing standing between your roof and hundreds of leaks.

Screw-down roofing is quick to apply and certainly cheaper. However, it leaves you open to a wide range of maintenance issues, including more “age-related” maintenance woes. Since the screws are exposed, they are more likely to succumb to weather or other factors. Screw-down metal roofing is much more likely to spring a leak due to the fact that fasteners can get rusty and neoprene washers wear out. These fasteners back out over time as the metal expands and contracts with changing temperatures.

What is Standing-Seam Metal Roofing?

Standing-seam roofing is a metal roofing solution that consists of vertical panels with dual seams that connect each panel. Not only is it strong and durable, but it creates a striking appearance with unmistakable shadow lines easily seen all the way from edges to eaves.

Standing-seam roofing was originally used in places with several levels to the roof. Over time, however, Austin roofers and homeowners alike realized standing seam offers high-qualify performance, often lasting 30-50 years, with minimal maintenance.

Standing-seam means no exposed fasteners. The screws are hidden under the roof panels and not exposed to the weather. That makes the roof stronger and eliminates one of the biggest aesthetic and functional drawbacks of screw-down metal roofs.

But that’s really only the beginning!

Although most metal roofs will cut energy consumption by reflecting heat, standing-seam takes this to a new level, making your home greener and saving you money. And standing seam is easy to install – it can often go on top of the current roof. Yes!

As an established Austin roofer allied with the best manufacturers around, we have the ability to offer standing-seam metal roofing at a very competitive price – without sacrificing quality. Longhorn Roofing brings the manufacturing process to your home. Each standing-seam roof is custom fitted as we bring our SS675 roof panel machine directly to your house. If you order a standing-seam roof from Longhorn Roofing you'll get only the best materials available including 24 gauge metal.

To find out more about our Austin-based metal roofing options, contact us today.