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Real Estate

Rental Property Roof Maintenance Tips for Landlords

The roof on your rental property serves two primary functions. These are: 1. It shields the occupants, structure, and contents from direct exposure to...

Roof Repair Real Estate

What You Should Look for in a Home Inspection Report

Do you think you have found your dream home? While that is exciting, you should look beyond what you can physically see before getting too eager.

Real Estate

Safe as Houses: 3 Fragile Roof Warning Signs to Look for In a New Home

This post was kindly written for us by Bellhops Moving Co. Moving to a new home can be an incredibly exciting experience. Whether you're moving to a c...

Real Estate

How Longhorn Roofing Works With Austin-Area Real Estate Agents

A primary concern for people buying homes is the condition of the roof. Longhorn Roofing has been in business in Central Texas for over 30 years and a...