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Cedar Park Hail Damage Roofer

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Want to keep your roof in great condition for many years to come? Beware of hail!

Ask any hail damage roofer: A hailstorm is one of the biggest risks around when it comes to your roof in Cedar Park. It doesn’t take a record-breaking hailstorm to do serious damage to dozens of your shingles.

In fact, homeowners should be cautious of those “little” hail events, too!large hail stones in the hands of a man just after a hail storm

Some obvious signs you need a hail damage roofer include:

  • -Characteristic round dents in shingles
  • -Cracking throughout multiple shingles
  • -Bruised shingle surfaces with missing granules
  • -Granule loss in a stripe on one side of a shingle
  • -Shingles that are bent out of place or flapping
  • -Damage to projecting features and associated flashing
  • -Damage to gutters, which may be dented or detached

Any and all of these signs of hail damage can arise right after a storm. In general, you’ll be able to see symptoms clearly from ground level once the sun is out and the weather is clear. During roof repair, your hail damage roofer will replace all of the damaged shingles and check underneath them for any additional damage.

Hail Damage to Your Cedar Park Home Can Be More Than Meets the Eye

If there are no signs of hail damage, does that mean your roof is safe?

The answer is “not necessarily.”

Mild or moderate hail can slip in between shingles and cause damage to the waterproof underlayment. If the roof is in need of maintenance, this can even allow moisture to penetrate into the wooden structural elements. Ultimately, that may result in rot, mold, and more, weakening the roof against future bad weather.

A local roofer that can assess hail damage will be on the lookout for any signs that damage has extended beyond the shingle layer. Your roofer will always ensure that your roof is prepared for the next rain, wind, snow, or hail – that saves you from having to pay for roofing repair down the line when compromised areas spring leaks!

Tired of worrying about hail? Ask about weather resistant, energy efficient metal roofing. Hail and rain skip right off of it.

Call Your Local Hail Damage Roofer for True Peace of Mind

At Longhorn Roofing, we have worked with homeowners in Cedar Park and throughout Central Texas for more than 30 years. Your local hail damage roofer can even help you with your insurance paperwork so you can go forward with confidence. To learn more, contact us.

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