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Roofing Austin 35 Years+ -- Roofing Truths We've Learned Along the Way

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Longhorn Roofing is proud to announce that we’ve been roofing Austin right for over 35 years!

When it comes to roofing, Austin has a lot of options to choose from. We are honored that the local community has embraced Longhorn Roofing in our journey to deliver reliable, affordable, quality roofing to homeowners and businesses throughout the Austin area.

Most companies close their doors within the first five years, and the competitive landscape is especially tough for roofers. That was true when we got started back in the '80s and it remains true today. Through it all, we’ve never lost sight of our goal to be the Austin roofer you can count on.

Experience counts more in roofing than in virtually any other industry. At Longhorn Roofing, we’ve built a team of seasoned professionals and created the opportunity for roofing newcomers to learn the trade under supervision – so that your home or business is never someone’s first rodeo.

Over time, we’ve all learned a few things; not just about roofing, but about life.

And sure, some of us may have a grey hair, or two, these days -- but it’s worth it to have gained the insight and perspective that makes us one of the best roofing teams in Texas. That’s not just us saying that: Out of hundreds of reviews on dozens of platforms, we maintain consistently high scores.

Let’s take a moment to share some of the Austin roofing truths we’ve picked up along the way. 

Roofing Truths We've Learned Along the Way

1. A Good Roofer Should Make Things Easier for You

Respect for your time and property is the cornerstone of any successful roofer. It starts with customer care, but it doesn’t end there. Over time, we’ve developed a proven project management process that saves you money, gets the job done faster, and – most importantly – ensures it’s all done right.

In three decades, we’ve done more than a little bit of everything. In every season, market, and weather condition, we understand the curveballs roofing can throw. With that in mind, our estimates are always rock-solid and our timeframes correct down to the day. We never leave you holding the bag.

2. Austin Metal Roofing Really Is Tomorrow’s Best Roof

When we got started, the idea of metal roofing sounded like something only meant for farming or commercial construction since most people had only seen metal roofing on a barn, grain silo, or other agricultural building.

Today, residential metal roofing is proving to be one of the most popular options for those who want to save money and help guard the environment. Not only does it curb your cooling bill, it stands up against just about any kind of weather, lasting 30-50 years with basic maintenance.

3. When You Do Right by People, They’ll Do Right By You

In the news, Texas roofing is often called a “troubled industry.” We know lots of people have had bad experiences with so-called roofing contractors. We set out to be the best in the business from the start, working harder and doing more. The Austin community has repaid that commitment many times over.

Check our “A+” listing on the Better Business Bureau or our 5-star reviews on Google or any other reputable platform. Time and time again, we’ve been shown that when you’re willing to go the extra mile for other people, they will do the same for you. That’s especially true here in Texas! And we look forward to continuing for many years to come.

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