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What are Three Ways to Distinguish a Quality Austin Roofer?

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Spring is here, and that means roofing season has arrived in the Austin area.

With so many people looking for a good Austin roofer, it’s crucial to compare your options carefully.

While most roofers are honest and trustworthy, not all of them have the skills you need to extend the life of your roof and reduce the cost of ownership. And, yes, there are those who pose as roofers who are anythingAustin TX skyline in the evening but. That problem comes into focus throughout Central Texas every spring.

What are Three Ways to Distinguish a Quality Austin Roofer?

Here's how you can find a quality Austin roofer for you: 

1. A Quality Austin Roofer Will Give You the Facts and Let You Decide

One of the biggest problems in the roofing industry these days is roofing scams.

These scams often start with door-to-door solicitation. Fake “roofing contractors” look for weather-damaged homes after a storm and try to make the desperate homeowner an offer they can’t refuse.

That means:

  • -Promising to get the work done faster and cheaper, maybe even the next day, if paid in cash

  • -Offering to get you an “all-new” roof paid for by your insurance and to cover your deductible costs

  • -Doing a “free roof inspection” and then intentionally damaging shingles to get you to pay up

According to the BBB, the “free roof inspection scam” is becoming much more common in Texas.

In all cases, roofing scams involve pressuring you to make a decision right away. That gives the fraudsters a chance to make off with your money. Some will even take checks from your insurer before they disappear. With a quality Austin roofer, you get the real facts and the power is in your hands.

Any roofing project should start with an on-site roof inspection from a licensed expert. But before you agree to anything, insist on a detailed Scope of Work in writing. The contract you finally sign should lay out pricing and project timeline in detail – no surprises.

2. A Quality Austin Roofer Has a Reputation You Can Count On

Any time you need work done around the house, experience counts.

Businesses that last for years have proven their value in the community, and that’s especially true of Texas roofers. The majority of Austin roofing companies shut down within their early years, unable to build the kind of reputation that leads to referral business between busy seasons.

Always look for Central Texas roofers that have been around for at least 20 years – and 30 years is better. On top of checking out their website, you should look at sources like Google Reviews and the Better Business Bureau to confirm their claims. At Longhorn Roofing, we’ve got a 4.8 on Google, a 5 on Birdeye, and an “A+” at the BBB.

3. A Quality Austin Roofer Has Great Roofing Materials to Match

Roofing manufacturers vary in the quality of the materials and products they offer. It takes time and effort for a roofing team to not only master working with the different options, but build a relationship with roofing brands that leads to the best price for customers like you.

Good materials aren’t just about aesthetics -- they extend the life of your roof.

For example, new residential metal roofing should be custom-fabricated. This ensures a perfect fit for roofing panels, which prevents leaks. Combine that with durable, high-gauge steel that’s been corrosion-proofed with Galvalume and you have a metal roof that can last 50 years or more.

For a local Austin roofer you know you can count on every time, contact Longhorn Roofing.

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