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4 Tricks to Make Your Round Rock Shingle Roof Last Longer

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Let’s face it: Investing in a new roof is near the bottom of most homeowners’ priority lists.

You can save a lot of money on heating and cooling if you buy a brand new metal roof in Round Rock, but if you’d rather extend the life of your existing roof, this post is for you!

Roofing manufacturers make the longevity of their roofs a point of pride, but you should be wary. In Round Rock, it’s best to subtract about ten years from manufacturer estimates, then hope for the best. Heat, wind, rain, and hail all influence how long a roof lasts.

So, if you’ve heard a roof should last around 30 years, plan for 20.

shroofcrThen, extend the life of your roof with annual preventative maintenance. 

There are many maintenance tasks only a roofing professional should handle. Still, you can keep your Round Rock roof in top shape longer by following a few quick tips.

A whole host of unexpected things can cause damage to your roof, especially over time. By keeping your eyes peeled, you can stop some roof problems before they start.

What are 4 tricks to make your Round Rock shingle roof last longer?

Let’s look at a few examples of proactive roof maintenance in Round Rock.

1. Prune Trees and Overhanging Branches Away from Your Roof

In a storm, wind and rain can cause damage to shingles. However, falling tree branches are more likely to create serious leaks. Trim back overhanging branches on a regular basis. If you have older trees on your property, consult with an expert to determine the risk that they may fall. It’s always better to sacrifice a little shade than to put your whole roof at risk.

2. Look Out for Noticeable Granule Loss

The shiny granules on roof shingles don’t just look great: they function to reflect UV rays and extend the life of your roof. If granules come loose, your roof will be prone to fading in the sun. Plus, it will be less protected against blistering and other heat damage. Check your gutter for granule run-off after storms. And, of course, avoid walking on the roof as much as possible.

3. Check Your Attic for Ventilation...

Your attic and roof work together to make a complete roofing system. When your attic is sound, it supports easy heating and cooling of your home. A poorly ventilated attic causes a nasty oven effect and bakes shingles from below, potentially destroying large swaths of the roof. Ensure all vents are properly exposed. If in doubt, talk to a pro about attic ventilation.

4. ... and Evidence of Moisture

Even if there are no visible roof leaks, moisture penetration could still be taking place in the attic. Small amounts of trapped moisture can create an environment conducive to dangerous mold and mildew, even if it evaporates quickly. Be alert for a musty smell and visible deterioration of insulation material, including discoloration. Roof repair may be needed.

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