on October 16, 2023

Austin Roof Repair

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Good Austin roof repair is becoming more important every year.

Storms are worse, on average, and even hurricanes are getting more unpredictable. Places in the Southern and Southwestern United States that were once safe are getting hit hard, sometimes on an annual basis. Nobody can predict the future, but Austin homeowners and businesses need to be on guard.

Austin Roof Repair for Storm Damage

Storm damage can age your Austin roof before its time. Austin roofing already loses some of its service life to high heat – while most roofing manufacturers promise 30 years of service, 20 years is more realistic in our area. Add storms to the mix and a previously sound roof can develop serious issues literally overnight.

When you need storm damage repair in Austin, it’s crucial to have a roofer you can trust. A professional storm damage roofer in Austin is your best bet. Austin storm damage experts quickly identify the issue and apply the right fix to ensure your roof is secure. That can save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

The specifics of your storm damage roof repair depend on the type of roof and the extent of the problem. We always recommend homeowners avoid getting up on the roof, since weakened shingles could sustain further damage. Don’t let neighborhood handymen or other inexperienced people climb up on your behalf, either.

Contact Longhorn Roofing as soon as you spot a leak or even if you just suspect issues after a storm. The sooner we get you on our schedule, the faster we can repair storm damage in Austin. Remember that many insurers require you to put up a waterproof tarp so water damage won’t spread while you wait for your roof repair!

Austin Roof Repair for Year-Round Wear and Tear

Getting roof repair before storm season helps ensure that your roof will stand up to whatever nature throws at it. An annual roof inspection in Austin is a must for anyone who has a shingle roof. With a metal roof, you have the option of an inspection every other year. Austin roof repair can immediately follow your inspection.

A quick Austin roof repair project might take only an hour and involve just a few of your shingles. But those are the same shingles that could let gallons of water through your roof if they aren’t fixed before a storm strikes. It will save you money in the long run and your local roofing contractors in Austin make it easy.

Remember, a wind or rainstorm isn’t the only time when your roof is in peril. Austin has also been known to have hail from time to time. While larger hailstrikes leave dark areas on shingles (similar to bruised fruit) even smaller hailstones can cause big problems by infiltrating between shingles.

Longhorn Roofing Is Your Trusted Source for Storm Damage Repair in Austin

A year-round approach to Austin roof maintenance is always best. Still, the weather can catch anyone off-guard even with plenty of preparation. Having a trusted roofer saved to your phone is the right way to deal with Austin roof repair no matter what the situation is.

At Longhorn Roofing, we have a 4.8 Google Reviews score with more than 100 reviews, 4.9 review score on Facebook, and a 5/5 on the Better Business Bureau, where we’ve achieved an A+ ranking. Nearly 40 years in business means we can get your project done right and fast.

Don’t wait until your roof springs a leak before you look for the best roofer in Austin!

To get real peace of mind, call Longhorn Roofing today.